Weekend Schedule


As best we can tell, serious, concerted construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline has been delayed by up to several months. There are still state permits that have yet to be issued for the project to go forward, and FERC has still not issued their official notice to proceed. Williams Partners employees testified in court this week that pipe would not begin being laid until July at the earliest.

With that in mind, the Lancaster Stand is moving to a weekend-only schedule effective immediately. Our weekend gatherings will focus on action planning, trainings, and workshops in preparation for when construction does occur.

Orientation, mass action trainings, and legal trainings will continue to be held at camp on the weekend. Community dinners and special events will also be held - so please keep an eye out for future announcements!

We believe that each delay of the project is a victory. Your beautiful, courageous support is costing Williams Partners time and money. Thank you.

Forward together - not one step back.

The Lancaster Stand leadership team
PS: A note about the surveyors in Conestoga today:

Several Conestoga landowners have agreed to allow surveyors, per legal advice, in order to push back condemnation hearings and ultimately delay construction. Despite this deeply disturbing sight of intrusive surveyors in our community, this was anticipated and continues the unwelcome pattern of surveying that Williams has been conducting our our homes and farms for three years now. Let's monitor the situation and continue preparing for action in the future.