The path of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline has more than 370 waterway crossings in the county. The waterway you live near may be one of them.

The Atlantic Sunrise is a 42" high pressure natural gas pipeline that is cutting through 7 townships in Lancaster. It has been approved by FERC, all necessary permits have been granted by the DEP and other regulatory agencies, and construction has begun.

We oppose the pipeline because its benefits to Lancaster are negligible compared to the damage it will cause; because it is a money-saving "shortcut" for Williams, redundant to other existing lines; because we are Lancastrians who value our clean water, soil, and air; and because the project usurps private and public property for corporate profit. We believe that Williams's methods and practices have not been properly scrutinized, essentially that they have bought the regulatory bodies and courts that have permitted this project to continue, and that this project endangers our property and rights.

We've provided a map so that you can see the pipeline's details, but we suggest you contact FERC to confirm.

If you live in this area, you should be aware of the dangers to water quality.

Here's what you can do:
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  • Lori Ann Neumann
    published this page in The Pipeline 2017-10-03 10:13:19 -0400