US District Judge Schmehl Rules; Williams May Seize Private Property

Judge Schmehl's decision gives immediate possession of the land to Transco. Read Schmehl's order and memo below, along with LAP's press release and related news stories.

You can read Judge Schmehl's order here.  And a memorandum explaining his decision here.

Here's our press release:

For Immediate Release 

Media Contact: Ann Neumann 347-721-0711

August 23, 2107 


Today US District Court Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl ruled that the property of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and other hold out landowners who live in the path of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is condemned and may be seized by Oklahoma based corporation, Williams Companies. 

Although the decision is a profoundly unjust use of eminent domain for corporate profit, it does not surprise us. For years we have watched one regulatory body after another collude with Big Gas & Oil in the seizure of private property for their own private gain as they jeopardize residents’ health. 

All across the country and the state, legislators have sold their children’s futures and ours for the sake of corporate favor. And now the judicial system has shown its corrupted hand in the process of gross corporate subsidization and resident endangerment. 

Our government and our courts have catastrophically failed to stand for our health, safety and rights. With every other defense exhausted, we have no choice but to put our bodies between the future of our children and this billion dollar corporation’s bulldozers. 

The LAP Board is meeting this evening to evaluate our next steps.  

We are on the right side of justice and of history. This is going to take all of us. And we will need to stand together now more than ever. Be on the lookout for calls to action in the coming days and weeks.

Text LAPALERT to 94502 to receive immediate updates on actions and gatherings.

Pledge to stand against Williams' unjust and immoral seizure of Lancastrians' property.

Read about the judge's decision at LancasterOnline.


Lancaster Against Pipelines


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