The Pipeline

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is a proposed project by Williams Partners.  Williams Partners is a multi-billion dollar natural gas transportation and processing corporation based in Tulsa Oklahoma.  The proposed fracked-gas pipeline would be an unprecedented 42” in diameter and 1200 - 1500 PSI.

On February 21, 2014, an article in Lancaster Newspapers carried news of the pipeline proposal to thousands of people across Lancaster County.  The originally proposed route had the pipeline running directly through several popular Lancaster County conservancy preserves, including Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve.  The news ignited a groundswell of opposition, out of which Lancaster Against Pipelines was formed.

Since that original notification, the proposed route has been altered dozens of times since the original proposal last spring and continues to change.  The pipeline is current awaiting approval from FERC.

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, if constructed, would disrupt preserved farms, precious woodlands, and families' homes - with no benefit for Lancaster County.  The majority of the fracked gas that it would carry is intended for export at the Cove Point Liquid Natural Gas terminal.  The 42", 1200-1500 PSI pipeline would be unprecedented in its size and pressure.  Pipeline explosions are relatively uncommon, but when they occur they are devastating.