Songs from Don Gallagher

From folk music to cartoons, Don Gallagher's shared some tunes for resistance.

Robin and Linda Williams with a song on Dominion pipeline in Virginia.

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Lyrics revised for LAP!


“We Don’t Want Your Pipeline” © 2014 Robin & Linda Williams


We don’t want your pipeline, we don’t want your pipeline, 

We’ll take the sunshine, the water and wind! 

We’re gonna put a stop sign on Dominion’s [the Williams] pipeline. 

Go tell your neighbors!  Go tell your friends! 


A letter in the mail says Dominion’s [Transco’s] coming through 

And they want us to think there’s nothing we can do.

Hard to believe, but we found out it’s true

They want to build a forty-two inch pipeline.




They’ll bring cough and corruption like we’ve never seen 

Gouging our forests, our mountains and our streams. 

Five[Two] hundred miles long and fifty yards [feet] wide 

Blasting through our homes with their pipeline 




Now sinkholes, explosions and gas-line leaks, 

You hear it on the news almost every week. 

Dominion [Williams] says ‘Don’t worry,’ but it ain’t wise 

To be flirting [Flirting] with disaster with [and] their pipeline.




[Oklahoma] These Richmond operators don’t care ’bout you and me. 

They just want to make a killing when they got more than they need. 

And you can bet they’re safe in their houses so fine, 

Far,  far away from their pipeline 




Now these Big Boys say, ‘It’s a done deal.’ 

But nothing’s done…  as long as we’ll 

Stand together for our rights…  and our property 

And keep… pushing… back against their pipeline.


[Chorus] + ending refrain

Go tell your neighbors!  Go tell your friends! 




Don writes, "Attached, you'll also find a song I wrote a few years back.  The refrain came to me first, when remembering a segment of the old 'Rocky & Bullwinkle' TV show titled: 'Fractured Fairy Tales.'"



There’s lots of money to be found

When they drill a hole a mile in the ground.

Then we grab the ring on the merry-go-round… Fractured fairy tales.


They told us it would meet our needs

But the war on terror is a war of greed.

So they shipped the gas all overseas… Fractured fairy tales.


Don’t complain that you been fleeced

You cashed the check; you signed the lease.

Now it’s all been spent, and it didn’t buy peace… Fractured fairy tales.


You’da done better to invest

‘Cause the product goes where the profits are best.

You flunked your economics test… Fractured fairy tales.


It sounded good; made sense to me

They only want what we can’t see.

They’re smart people; what harm can it be? … Fractured fairy tales.


Fox News says it’s mighty slick

And Limbaugh swears it’s just the trick.

But our dog died, and the kids are sick… Fractured fairy tales.


So you tell me just who’s to blame

If you turn on the faucet and out comes a flame?

I been a fool; don’t you be the same… Fractured fairy tales.


The earth will tilt; and the earth will whirl

It’s nature’s gift to every boy and girl.

We shoulda paid attention to the moose & squirrel… Fractured fairy tales.


“I Won’t Back Down”  / Tom Petty

Lyrics adapted for Chapel Protectors / Lancaster Against Pipelines


Well I won’t back down.  No I won’t back down.

With the nuns I pray, we are here to stay [for a better day / way]

And we won’t back down.  No we won’t back down.


Gonna stand my ground.  Won’t be turned around    [Didn ‘t]       [Leave us here]

The cops & the courts try draggin’ me down [sign your lease]   [here in peace]

But I’ll [I will] stand my ground.  This is my hometown.


Chorus 1(I won’t back down)

Hey, Williams, we tried to work all this out

(I won’t back down)

Hey, Williams, you’re on sacred ground

And we won’t back down.  No we won’t back down.


[Petty]Well I know what’s right.  I got just one life.

In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around

But I’ll stand my ground, and I won’t back down.


We have come in peace.  Let our conflicts cease.

[ With loving hearts defend.  May our conflicts end. ]

Leave the gas unburned with the fossils and ferns

We have come in peace.  We have come in peace.

[ Mother Earth must heal.  This is how I feel.  This is all too real.]


Guitar Interlude


Chorus 2(I won’t back down)

Hey, Williams, there’s nothing left but to shout

(I won’t back down)

Hey, Williams, this is sacred ground

And we won’t back down

No we won’t back down


Repeat Chorus 2



~ Don Gallagher

adapted lyrics for LAP


Don's list of chants, songs and mic checks!


We Insist / We Resist / We Will Persist


We Do Not Fear You / We Will Not Jeer You / We Will Persevere


Love Is Mighty  /  Embrace Our Cause  [group hugs & laughter]


Do Not Scare Us / Fear Us / Fight UsJoin Us!


Put Down Your Weapons / Tools.  We Come In Peace


We Have Rights / Don’t Do Us Wrong / This Is Wrong


This Is Our Land / Our Home / Air / Water


We Stand Without Weapons / Here In This Field

Courage Alone Serve As Armor & Shield


We Are Friends / We Are Neighbors / You Know Us / Join Us


We Are Community Leaders (raise hands when called out) 

In Gov’t, In Schools, In Scouts, In Conservation, In Churches, etc.…


Protect The Family  /  Defend The Farm

We Are Here To Do No Harm


You Are Sworn To Protect Us / You Are Peace Officers / Keep The Peace


(We) Don’t Act Up / (We) Act With Honor


See Our Hands / We Reach Out In Friendship [a large group hula]

Peace Be With Us / And Peace Be With You


“Forward Together / Not One Step Back”  [said to slowly advance the line]

… first heard in North Carolina and Rev. William Barber’s Moral Monday rallies


Here We Stay [drop to knees] / Here We Pray. Nature’s Blessings On This Day.


Sun, Wind, And  Water… Don’t Make Things Worse;

America’s Future Energy Source


The Welds Will Weaken; The Pipes Will Rust  /  Why Are You Not Here With Us?  

[Recalling what Thoreau is said to have asked Emerson, Mexican War, c. 1846].


All make the rushing hiss of escaping high pressure gas; the sound of an explosion; brief screams as all fall to the ground; then lay still, in silence.