Slideshow & Quotes: Lancaster Landowners Reject Williams’ Easement Offers

Five Lancaster County, PA landowners from three townships organized a press conference on Saturday to reject easement offers for the Atlantic Sunrise project – a massive 42” proposed pipeline.  Williams Partners, the company behind the proposed pipeline, began offering tens of thousands of dollars to landowners late last month – months before the company is expected to file for approval of the project through FERC.  



Quotes from Landowners:


Kim Kann of Conestoga: “Williams is asking our community to accept unprecedented risk for absolutely no gain to our community.”

Kevin Shelley of Martic: “This isn’t going to stop here. If you think we’re “Not In Our Backyard,” kind of people – we’re not. It’s going to spread out from here. We’re looking out for everybody.”

Kevin Shelley of Martic: “There’s a lot of factors on the negative side that aren’t being brought to light.”

Tim Spiese of Martic “This is not worth one child getting sick, one well being poisoned.”

Ed Saxton, of Martic, who hosted the press conference: “People in Lancaster County, Lebanon County, other counties – Do Not Sign These Agreements. This is a ploy to get a foothold with FERC.”

Ed Saxton, of Martic, who hosted the press conference: “I do not accept your offer. Stay off my land.”

Tony Havestick of Manor: “We got an offer of $38,000. That doesn’t touch what it’ll do to the value of my property. If these people from Texas want my property, they’re going to have to go to the wall with me.”