Anne Sensenig's Song Sheet

If you've kicked around with us long enough, you know Anne Sensenig, our resident song leader.

She's shared her crib sheet for protests with us! 


Prison Song by Darrell Yoder

I guess we're a movement of songwriters! Or prison makes one write songs (see the history of country music). While inside, Darrell Yoder was humming a tune. When Malinda asked him what it was, he wrote out the lyrics--but not until after he was released. There are no pencils in Lancaster prison.

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Songs from Alana Tartaro

Alana and friends (Anne Sensenig, for one) made us clips of songs to listen and sing along to! Lyrics are typed out below.

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Songs from Don Gallagher

From folk music to cartoons, Don Gallagher's shared some tunes for resistance.

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