September 14th Supporters' Email

Read the text of LAP's September 14th email to supporters.

Dear Friends--

Everything indicates that Williams will begin construction in a few short weeks—and together we will be ready. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for their invasion of our community.

1.     Give: Throw some dough at the LAP Legal Defense Fund. We’ll use it for any legal advisement, training or expenses that arise during nonviolent direct action. 

2.     Train: Join us for a community-wide Nonviolent Mass Action Training on September 23 & 24

This will likely be our last training before construction begins. Come for a day—or two! We’ll be camping overnight; you should join us. The purpose of this training is to help us all find our role in the coming weeks and months. Will you provide support to those demonstrating nonviolent resistance to this destructive pipeline? Are you willing to deliver food and water, take photos or videos during actions, sing songs or paint banners, join our team of field medics or serve as a legal observer? Are you willing to stand arm in arm with neighbors to protect our water and homes? 

Some roles will involve risking arrest. However, the majority of roles involve non-arrestable support tasks. We need everyone working together to stop this corporate coup!

Come ask questions and acquire all the skills you need to do what our government, regulatory agencies, and courts have refused to do: protect our communities and environment from greedy billionaires.

3.     Donate: The art team needs your old farm equipment! Got a run-down hay wagon you’d love to get out of your barn or, um, off your lawn? How about a rusty old tractor that’s seen better decades? Call the Clatterbucks at 717-284-4940 and they'll arrange to take it off your hands and put it to good use.

4.     Protest: Delaware Riverkeepers in co-sponsoring an event on the steps of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington DC on September 20th at 9 am to protest FERC’s giveaway of our health and futures to Big Oil & Gas. You can find more details here:

5.     Write: Letters to the Editor change minds. And the more your neighbors read about, think about, and talk about the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, the larger our movement grows. Never written a LTE before? It’s easy-peasy when you use Lancaster Newspaper’s form, found here: 

Don’t know what to write about? Listen to your gut. Or pick one of these topics: the pipeline won’t create more jobs for Lancastrians; it will jeopardize water, soil, animal and human safety in the county; Williams’s use of eminent domain is unjustpipelines explode. Or stick to the personal. What will this pipeline do to your life? Your commute? Your sense of safety in your home? 

Want help putting an LTE together? Email Ann at She’ll proofread anything you’ve got. Our goal is to pepper the Lancaster Newspapers with LTEs condemning this project—particularly from now until construction begins in October—so our neighbors will join us, so our legislators will listen to us, and so Williams will know what they’re in for.


The time for action is now! The corporate theft of our communities, environment, and future generations is not going to stop unless we force a change. Lancaster County is poised to bring the Atlantic Sunrise project to a standstill. Come join the movement as we make history together.

Lancaster Against Pipelines


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Want to join the chapel team? We're maintaining the space, reaching out to local faith leaders, and planning to "hold" the chapel for the sisters once construction begins. Contact Lori Ann Neumann to get on the team list:

Text LAPALERT to 94502 to receive immediate updates on actions and gatherings.