Below are two flyers available for public use and distribution in opposition to the proposed pipelines.

1. Eminent Domain

eminent-domian-flyer1 (1)

2. Say-No-to-Pipeline (Click to Download)


FERC Reference article:
Knowing and Protecting Your Rights When an Interstate Gas Pipeline Comes to Your Community

A Legal and Practical Guide for States, Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations and Landowners On How the FERC PipelineCertification Process Works and How You Can Participate. PDF paper Prepared by Carolyn Elefant, Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant, Washington D.C.  View PDF

Penn State Extension Service:
Negotiating Pipeline Rights-of-Way in Pennsylvania

A document describing the eminent domain process and what Landowners can do about it.

Pipeline Facebook Groups

FB Group “Shalefield Organizing Committee”
FB Group “Lancaster Against Pipeline”


Lancaster Pipeline contains great images and a map of pipeline routes and construction.
No Blue Grass Pipeline
Lancaster Conservancy’s info about the pipeline with instructions for contacting the FERC
PennFuture: environmental legal services
Holtwood News
This site (built and managed by a 12 year old) contains extra details about the Atlantic sunrise project. It also contains some personal feelings that some landowners have about the pipeline coming through their property.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

The Delaware Valley Citizens’ Council for Clean Air

William’s Materials etc.

Williams partners power point presentation about the project

MAP: Aerial View of Lancaster with Pipeline paths

Natural Gas Watch

Natural Gas Consulting