Quilt Project Mission Statement

For more than a year now, thousands across Lancaster County have found common ground in working together to protect our deepest-held values against a threat that none of us asked for: the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. When Williams Corporation of Oklahoma drew a line on a map through our county as a shortcut to export Pennsylvania’s natural gas to foreign markets, we understood pretty quickly what was at stake. We understood that our deepest values were being threatened by a $40-billion corporation eager to exploit our most sacred treasures for their own obscene profit.

Williams’ proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline through Pennsylvania farms and woodlands is an attempt by billionaire CEOs to hold our values hostage in exchange for their own profit. When there is a threat to our collective sacred trust, Pennsylvanians come together to celebrate what we have in common.

Lancaster Against Pipelines, Martic SOUL, Conestoga Community Group, and the Lancaster Farmland Trust call for individuals, families, and businesses across our county, our state, and our nation to express in a personalized quilt square what we most love/treasure/value about our land, our people, and our heritage. 

Your statement of pride will be sewn together with hundreds—maybe thousands—of others to form a powerful declaration that says, “Our most basic American values are not for sale.” Lancaster knows how to quilt because it reflects some of our strongest virtues: hard work, group effort, quiet determination, and a passion for producing beauty with our own hands.

Schoolchildren and grandparents, builders and bakers, farmers and teachers, veteran quilters and those who’ve never sewn a stitch in your life—together we can say to Williams, “We reject your project because our land, our families, and our way of life are not playthings for your greed." Some believe this quilt could become the largest in PA history.

Together, let’s make history with this quilt by showing that Pennsylvania values are worth more than a pipeline.