Quilt Square Instructions

Instructions for Submitting a Quilt Square:

Your square can be anything you want. It can represent your love for Pennsylvania, for Lancaster County, or your opposition to the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline (or other pipeline & fracking-related projects). It can be a personal story, a quotation, an abstract design; etc. For more ideas, see our website and Facebook page for submissions as they are received. 

 Send your quilt squares to:

Protect Pennsylvania Quilt Project, P.O. Box 215, Pequea PA, 17565.

Individual Squares: 

1. Cut a square piece of fabric, 14 by 14 inches. The material should be lightweight and not stretchy (like the fabric of a sheet, not like a t-shirt). The fabric may be any color you like. 

2. Design your square. You may use any materials you like—just try to keep it lightweight. See below for ideas. 

3. You must leave a border at least 1 ½ inch wide on every side of your square, making your design 11 by 11 inches. Otherwise, not all of your design will show!

4. Each square should contain the name of an individual, family, organization, church or business. Consider including an index card with a paragraph description about your square.

5. Send your square and index card to Protect Pennsylvania Quilt Project, P.O. Box 215, Pequea PA, 17565.

Large Squares:

If you, your family, business, or group would like to make a large square, cut a square of fabric 26 by 26 inches. You should again leave a 1 ½ inch border on every side so that your design is 23 by 23 inches.

Ideas for designing your square:

- Personal story or quotation

- Paint: finger, fabric, or other

- Drawing w/ permanent markers

- Iron-on photos

- Sewn designs

- Cross-stitch or embroidery

- Simple, lightweight bead-work