Press Release on Martic Heights 5

Lancaster Against Pipelines issued the following press release on November 19 after 5 more arrests of protesters.

Once Again Lancaster Against Pipelines Delays Pipeline Construction in Lancaster County
Five Lancastrians were arrested in Martic Township yesterday for peacefully protesting construction of an export pipeline
Five more Lancastrians were arrested yesterday, including one minor, for doing the only thing legislators, courts, and regulators have left for us: civil disobedience. The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, built by Williams Partners, is currently tearing through 38 miles of Lancaster County. Our brave five neighbors stopped construction on Martic Heights drive by sitting in front of a working backhoe.
They join the Lakewood 3, the Chapel 23, the Quilt 6, and the Conestoga 8 (2015), who have been arrested for peacefully defending the forests and farmland that Lancaster County prizes.
Lancaster Against Pipelines has raised thousands of dollars for a legal defense fund to support those arrested or cited during protests.
So long as Williams continues to desecrate our county, we will continue to resist. The next publicly announced mass action will be held on December 9.
Yesterday’s arrests bring the total number to 45 since the project was initiated by Williams Partners, an Oklahoma based private corporation, which has used “public utility” status to seize private property from county residents, either through coercion or the courts. These arrests and the mass number of residents protesting show the commitment of community members to make real sacrifices for what they believe in.
Hundreds of Williams’s out-of-state workers and shadowy security crews have invaded our home, trenched our fields, and defiled our rights. And for what? So their shareholders can make even more money and increase domestic gas prices by exporting whatever the Atlantic Sunrise delivers. 
This is being done on our backs. We will be left in the wake of this destruction when the workers and security crews go home. When our land, water and air are polluted, when our rights to property and justice are destroyed. Already, our tax dollars have subsidized municipal services usurped solely to protect the profit of a billion-dollar corporation based in Oklahoma.
Yesterday also demonstrated a new tenor in police treatment. Protestors were given citations without warning. The police clearly no longer work for us, cajoled by an out-of-state corporation, just like our legislators, into doing their dirty work for them.
It’s shameful. And we will not be quiet because we cannot be quiet. This project is unjust and we are united in standing for our rights, homes and liberties.
About Lancaster Against Pipelines:
Lancaster Against Pipelines was founded in 2014 by Lancaster County residents who were unwilling to believe Williams corporation's insistence that the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline would benefit their community. Citing real dangers to water, soil and air quality, scientific evidence of the dangers of pipelines, frequent gas leaks and explosions, and the sputtering, unregulated and desperate fossil fuel industry, LAP organized residents to prevent Williams’s bullying and coercive violation of our health and safety.