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Transco Gas Pipeline to Dissect Pristine Susquehanna Riverlands in Lancaster County Unless Action is Taken

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is currently considering the approval of a Natural Gas Pipe Line that will dissect the very lands it just recently transferred for preservation. Tucquan Glen, Shenks Ferry, Kelly’s Run, Fishing Creek, and Rock Springs preserves could lose forests and critical natural and cultural resources to the proposed pipeline.

Survey markers have already been staked out in these preserves. This project is on the fast track and clear-cutting is proposed to start in 2016. Community action is needed immediately.Screen-Shot-2014-04-18-at-9.59.39-PM-300x270

On December 21, 2012 FERC approved the transfer of 1,260 acres of land from the PPL Holtwood LLC boundary to the Lancaster County Conservancy for protection. This decision was supported by national, state, and local agencies and non-profits.

The transfer of these lands was funded with millions of dollars from PA Dept. of Conservation & National Resources (PADCNR), Lancaster County, York County, The Conservation Fund, PPL, Lancaster County Community Foundation, and the Lancaster Co. Conservancy. The Governor of the State of Pennsylvania submitted a letter of support to FERC.

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline is no good for Lancaster County.  If it is constructed farmland will be destroyed, woodland will be decimated, and some peoples’ homes will even be displaced.   

A Landowner’s Experience

The following is a Letter by Robert Lidsky from  July 8, 2013. Lidsky had land that was in the path of the “Constitution Pipeline” and shares his experience negotiating land rights with the pipeline company and surveyors. ———————-START OF LETTER———————— I own land, directly in the path of the proposed Constitution Pipeline. The property is …

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Lancaster County is only 15% forested land. In Lancaster County our trees are critical to our ability to maintain clean air and water. The proposed pipeline corridors would cross our limited remaining forests and several high and exceptional value streams and permanently clear-cut those forests impairing already impaired air quality, creating erosion corridors for more …

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Facts to Consider

Some important facts about the proposed Central Penn Line South:   • This is a non-essential pipeline. The proposed pipeline is, by Williams’ own admission, merely a shortcut between already-existing lines. The proposedpipeline would be 42 inches wide and under 1200-1500 pressure per square inch (meaning an explosion— and Williams has had many— could have …

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Lancaster Pipeline map


There are two great maps for the pipeline route.     An interactive Google map created by Andrew Ross shows the multiple routes proposed by Williams Partners.                               Lancasterpipeline.org interactive map. This map from lancasterpipeline.org shows the current pipeline route as …

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Pipelines Are Safe?

Below are just a few examples of company negligence leading to explosions and leaks of natural gas pipelines.   1. Resident describes natural gas line explosion in Marshall County By Jeff Jenkins in News | April 05, 2014 at 12:34PM MIDDLE GRAVE CREEK, W.Va. – Residents living near the Williams Energy Oak Grove plant construction site …

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Chris Stockton,
 Spokesman with Williams Companies

Key Players

Who to talk to about the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline When you go to a WIlliams partners open house it is important you are talking to the people who truly understand the project. The following is a list of the key people behind the Atlantic Sunrise Project. Please direct your comments accordingly.       Not …

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Williams Safety Record

The Compliance and Safety Records of Williams (WMB), Williams Partners L.P. (WPZ), Williams Midstream • 2002 – Williams is reported to be in Financial distress and on verge of bankruptcy   • 2002 – Williams has class action lawsuit filed against it alleging that it failed to disclose failing financial conditions (33)   • 2003 …

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