Philly Inquirer's Will Bunch on the Politics of Pipelines

Bunch writes, "The people who haven’t been friends to Clatterbuck in this epic battle have been the politicians from both parties who — their pockets often bulging with campaign donations from Big Oil and Gas — tout the economic benefits of projects like the Atlantic Sunrise while shielding their ears from the pleas of property owners. 'When it comes to the environment, whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, the industry has them in their back pocket,” she told me this week. “It doesn’t matter which party you belong to.'

Clatterbuck felt that way before the latest environmental outrage to emanate from upriver in Harrisburg: News of a proposed state spending deal that not only hits everyday consumers with new taxes much harder than it hits the lucrative oil-and-gas business, but that essentially hands the keys for permitting new fracking rigs over to industry while obliterating proposed pollution regulations that could curb climate change caused by methane."


But really, go read the whole thing here.