Kittappa Reaffirms Opposition to Central Penn Pipeline Proposal, Calls for Additional Forum

Editor’s Note: Our publishing of this press release is not an endorsement of Kittappa by Lancaster Against Pipelines.




May 2, 2014

Contact: Michael Palin



Kittappa Reaffirms Opposition to Central Penn Pipeline Proposal, Calls for

 Additional Forum


Dr. Raj Kittappa, Democratic candidate for Congress in the Pennsylvania 16th District, reaffirmed his opposition to the proposed Williams Partners pipeline, which would run through Lancaster, and called for additional public forums to discuss the matter.

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Houghton Announces Opposition to Pipeline Proposal

Editor’s Note: Our publishing of this press release is not an endorsement of Houghton by Lancaster Against Pipelines.



April 29,2014
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Houghton Announces Opposition to Pipeline Proposal


Tom Houghton, the endorsed Democratic candidate for Congress in the 16th District of PA announced today that he opposes the Central Penn Line natural gas pipeline project as it is currently proposed by Williams Partners.  The pipeline would transport fracked natural gas from Susquehanna County through Lancaster County.


Houghton made the following statement:

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Does “Robinson Township V. Commonwealth” Set Precedent for Local Ordinances Against Oil & Gas Operations?



All across the country, townships are passing local ordinances banning corporations from making decisions that could negatively impact human and property rights of township residents.  Robinson Township, Pennsylvania, won a landmark case in the state supreme court this December – “invalidat[ing]  Pennsylvania’s efforts to regulate land uses associated with oil and gas operations on a uniform statewide basis,” according to this article by Paul K. Stockman.

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Williams Partners Open House – June 11

Student Memorial Center at Millersville University!

June 11, 2014

06:00 pm – 08:00 pm WIlliams have set the tentative date for their open house in MIllersville University. The Williams public open house for the Central Penn Line South project is tentatively listed for  Wednesday, June 11, at 113-309 Shenks Ln, Millersville, PA 17551

Open houses are usually 6-8 p.m., said Williams spokesman Chris Stockton.For more information read this article

Why No-one Needs the Central Penn South Pipeline Through Pennsylvania

The map below is an illustration from a Williams Partners presentation about why they need the Central Penn South line through PA. It shows what they call the Zone 6 constrained area, or the so-called bottleneck they wish to address.

Their plan for Central Penn South is to connect Stations 517 and 195, running a greenfield 42” pipeline 177 miles through PA. Greenfield is a pleasant way of saying they would be gaining a right-of-way and laying pipeline where none have formerly existed. With an estimated 125’ construction easement, and a 50’ permanent right-of-way, plus temporary and permanent access roads, this would ravage 2,700 acres of land in Pennsylvania.

This map illustrates a much more sensible and economical solution that would truly minimize negative impacts while providing Williams with the transportation capacity they seek. The Transco Interstate pipelines are already connected, but capacity shrinks from three lines out of Station

515 to only one line from Station 505 to 210, then back up to three lines to 205. From all appearances, the best solution would be to add capacity between 505 and 210. This could be accomplished with existing easements, and pipeline laid next to existing pipeline. In essence Williams would be adding lanes to an existing highway instead of building a new highway. Environmental impacts to 177 miles of PA would be avoided entirely.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the entity that can either approve the Central Penn South line or deny it. Please submit this argument against the Williams plan online or to: FERC, Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary, 888 First Street NE, Room 1A, Washington, DC 20426.

Also contact your County, Township and State officials and let them know that you have done so. Ask them to join you in opposing the Central Penn South pipeline for practical and sensible reasons.

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May 13th: Event for Lancaster Residents Along Pipeline’s Path!

Sign up now for important info about the FERC process and more!  Hosted by the Mountain Watershed Association.


Advance registration is required. To register or learn more about MWA, contact Kathryn Hilton at (724) 455-4200 or email

Sponsored by Mountain Watershed Assoc. (MWA)

Session Content:
• Outline the pipeline construction process and associated impacts
• Review landowner rights and regulatory oversight
• Review the permitting process for interstate pipelines
• Instruct citizens on submitting public comment

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Gil Smart shows pipeline will not benefit Lancaster

SMART REMARKS: Would pipeline benefit Lancaster County at all?

To begin with, we’ve got what you might call the tale of two pipelines.

“So there’s one very legitimate question for you: This might tear up portions of Lancaster County. But how much will Lancaster Countians themselves actually benefit from it? Or are we, you know, simply in the way?”…

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Kittappa weighs in against pipeline

Now everyone in the race for the 16th C

“Raja Kittappa, a stem cell researcher from West Hempfield Township seeking the Democratic nomination, released a statement May 2.

Kittappa expressed concerns over safety and said the proposed pipeline “will disrupt our economy and environment while providing no tangible benefit to Lancaster County.”

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Lancaster County pipeline review: 13 things the feds will consider

May 2, 2014.

The fate of an interstate natural gas pipeline proposed to be installed across seven municipalities in western Lancaster County is in the hands of an independent federal agency.

Below is a summary of the resource reports Williams Partners must submit to FERC, as required under federal regulations.
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New pipeline documents show first detailed maps, public meeting date, possible re-routing to miss Tucquan Glen preserve

Thu May 1, 2014.

New documents filed by Williams Partners include the first detailed maps for public consumption of where a proposed natural gas pipeline might go for 35 miles through Lancaster County.

The filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also set Williams’ sole public open house on the project here  — tentatively set for June 11 in Columbia ….

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