PA DEP Hearing Walk Out

Last night 125 people stood up and walked out of the PA DEP's hearing on air quality for the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, slated to cut through more than 30 miles of Lancaster County. 

The hearing was purportedly to field public comments about Williams's plan to offset construction pollution with credits from a facility in Maryland, a plan that will do nothing to curb Lancaster's alarmingly poor air quality, already beyond federal and state limits. But those who walked out wished to demonstrate that the PA DEP is unwilling and unable to protect Pennsylvanians from Big Oil & Gas.

The event was organized by Lancaster Against Pipelines and other organizations from around the state, including  Lebanon Pipeline AwarenessBerks Gas Truth, Schuylkill Pipeline Awareness, Delaware Riverkeeper NetworkClean Air Council.

Hearing attendees delivered a statement (read by Tim Spiese) before all assembled, then put on medical masks with #NoASP written on them, and walked out of the hearing in an orderly fashion. Once outside, they held their own People's Hearing to demonstrate their lack of trust in the PA DEP's authority or intentions.

Before the meeting, dozens had signed up by the dozens to comment before the committee--with the intention of leaving the abandoned committee, in the wake of their walk out, to repeatedly call the names of absent residents.

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