Call for Organizers

Pipeline construction on the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline here in Lancaster County is likely to start in the next 1-2 months and continue at least into next year. We're asking for 2 month commitments. This fight is all being conducted on a volunteer basis, but we'll happily work with funded fellows from other organizations. We'll also feed, house, and give you the resources and support you need to take some serious action during your time here.


What We're Up Against

Williams Partners is a multi-billion dollar company with experience in dealing with protests and resistance. They have enormous influence over environmental agencies and regulators because of their financial advantage. Williams employees have already pressed charges against local pipeline resisters, and even contacted the employer of one local LAP organizer in an effort to get him fired with accusations of eco-terrorism. More of these instances are to be expected in the future. As we know, major pipeline companies routinely hire private security when protesters are expected. These private security, like the ones used at Standing Rock, are often willing to get physical with peaceful protesters. Williams will likely try to win favor with the local police, causing them to be more aggressive with non-violent resistance.

Williams Partners also has one of the worst safety records of any gas company, paying nearly four-hundred thousand dollars in fines in the year 2013. Sadly, these fines are little more than pocket change to massive companies like Williams partners. If the pipeline is installed, Williams cannot be trusted to keep us residents safe.


What We've Been Doing About It

For the past three years, Lancaster Against Pipelines has been laying the foundations in our local communities for a massive civil resistance. In addition to a broad base of support from county residents, we've also built inroads with faith communities, local and national environmental organizations, and indigenous groups. To date, more than 900 local residents have pledged to put their bodies on the line when construction begins. Many of our most dedicated members have never considered the idea of being 'an activist.'

On July 9 we dedicated an outdoor Chapel of Resistance on property belonging to a community of Roman Catholic nuns. When construction begins, we'll be occupying the chapel with prayer vigils directly in the pipeline's path.




Why We Need YOU! 

As pipeline construction gears up to start this fall, we’ve built the infrastructure to launch a massive resistance. Among the usual blockade equipment, we're carrying community sewn quilts into actions. We've built a deployable chapel to place in the pipeline's path. We're working with barn signage, deer stands, and farm equipment. Our base has builders, welders, and access to heavy equipment. We have cooks, medics, and legal support, ready to step in the moment construction starts.

But given the size and the pace of our movement, our outreach team has an urgent need for more organizers to keep pace with the growing momentum. As we begin resistance on the ground, we're putting out a call for fellows to help us capture that energy into an overwhelming campaign of public pressure.  

What We're Looking For:

At least a 2 month commitment.

A willingness to take direction from local leadership, and respect for the movement commitment to mobilizing an overwhelming majority of community members. 

Excitement to find events you're excited to plan, work out the details, and propose them to leadership. You'll have access to our organizers, builders, and artists, but frequently expected to bottom line logistical details for events.

Experience with phone banking, or get-out-the-vote campaigns a plus.

We'll house, feed, and plug you in to local resources. Our movement is currently all volunteer, and unfortunately our grants are not allocated to pay staff like y'all deserve. We do, however, promise to give you the resources and support to do some seriously cool shit with your time here.

Your Timeline Here:

(Direct action support isn't our primary need, but we'll make sure you do some if you're interested.)


Work with outreach team on building out our database (Nationbuilder)

Plan and coordinate a rolling series of phone banking and outreach events

Plan and coordinate a few small public actions/gatherings (town halls, hearing walk outs, potlucks).

MONTH 2 (OR 3, OR 4):

We'll work with you to plan and coordinate a large community event/action that your outreach work can build up to.

(You'll have access to our builders, artists, and community leaders, but will largely be bottom-lining logistics)

To Apply:


  • A Statement of Interest
    • Why you would like to work with our community
    • What would you be excited to accomplish in your time here

  • Experience
    • Work you have done in the past
    • Areas you're confident taking leadership in
  • References
    • 2-3 contacts we can reach out to

We'll be bringing people on throughout the rest of the fall, but someone will get back to you within two weeks.

Thank you!

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