Op-Ed: Mark Clatterbuck on the silencing of pipeline opponents

On July 6, LNP published an Op-Ed by Lancaster Against Pipelines co-founder, Mark Clatterbuck, that draws public attention to efforts by a Republican State Senator, Scott Martin, to restrict free speech and other rights of Lancastrians. The open salvo reads:

"It appears that Lancaster County’s state Sen. Scott Martin (13th District) is apparently so owned by the natural gas industry that he’s rewriting state laws to silence community opposition to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline."

Clatterbuck writes:

"In April, Martin co-sponsored Senate Bill 652. The bill would turn a misdemeanor trespass charge into a felony in cases where the offense, however peaceful, occurs along a pipeline or other so-called “critical infrastructure” site. The bill provides for a two-year prison term and a minimum fine of $10,000. SB 652 is now pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Then, May 5, Martin published a memorandum announcing plans to draft a second bill that I believe would target pipeline opponents. The law would hold residents “civilly liable for response costs related to a demonstration” for anyone convicted of being a “public nuisance” or “rioting.” These are notoriously broad charges that industry employees routinely level against peaceful demonstrators to discourage opponents from exercising fully protected First Amendment rights."

To read the entire Op-Ed, click here.

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