Occupy the Pipeline

An Open Letter to Williams/Transco on Today's Action

Hey Williams,

As you may have noticed, the people of Lancaster County occupied your stupid pipeline today.

We took over a stretch of pipe laid out on farmland you seized from a woman who promised her dad that land would never be industrialized. You took her to court and ripped that land from her hands. Now we rage and mourn, as you dig and grin.

Today we stomped and sang songs of resistance on your illegitimate pipe because we don’t respect an industry that poisons our water, fouls our air, and steals our children’s future for its own filthy profits.

We don’t accept your “right” to take our land, invade our neighborhoods, put our schools in toxic blast zones, drill under our rivers, clear cut our forests, desecrate Native graves, seize preserved farms, and bulldoze the fields of Catholic Sisters who regard this earth as Sacred.

You hide behind your army of ex-police security mercenaries. You file cowardly false charges against our children for delivering carols and cookies to your workers. You’re a $50-billion corporate crybaby that plays the victim when we march your trucks to a standstill as they haul pipes of destruction down our country roads.

Today, we trampled your pipeline under foot as an act of defiance for defiling so many of the things we love.

We’re done waiting for legislators, regulators or judges to save us. They’ve already shown that protecting your profits is their number one job. It turns out the people of Lancaster County have a job to do, too: saving the place we call home.

All across the US, communities are rising up against pipeline Goliaths just like you—mega rich actors who’ve grown accustomed to operating above the law. We’ve had enough of your intolerable invasions. And our love of land and home has made us fearless.

That’s what scares you most of all.

  • Lou Merkle
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-11 08:04:57 -0400
    Occupy the Pipeline