Note from Jim Ebaugh After Arrest

Jim Ebaugh was one of the 23 arrested on Monday. He sent this along via email. (The Chapel 23 go to court on Halloween.)

"So looking forward to seeing all of the Lancaster 21 on Halloween in Columbia.  Dear friends, with four men in a closet with a open toilet, I can't tell you how meaningful it was to look over and see our sisters smiling and happily waiting out our shall we say lengthy processing.  To my cell mates, you know who you are, your dignity, presence and calm and light spirit was an honor to share with you. As we marched up by line to take the arrest, you really broke me up with that song that each person's name in it in turn. You were such an excellent light of non-violent resistance. From a Buddhist perspective to engage in actions to defend the planet for our children and grandchildren, without the immediate reward that might come from a weekly volunteer service at a homeless shelter, or in jail ministries, or working with addicts. You are working for something that may not even happen in our lifetime. This alone makes you a Bhoddisattva, an awakened human who vows to return to the world of suffering, ignorance and greed to serve all living beings.  This is who you are. See you Halloween for the next Chapter. In the meantime,Peace in Every Step."