Martic Township Residents Release Statement in Response to Williams

Today, Martic Township landowners released the following statement:


“This morning we received a phone called from Bonnie Anselm, Senior Right of Way Agent for Universal Field Services.  Ms. Anselm informed us that all of the surveyors who trespassed upon our land were “released from the project.”  We later learned that Cindy Ivey of Williams has released the Universal Field Services crew from working with Williams Partners.

We do not believe this adequately or satisfactorily addresses the problem.

First we were worried about the safety of the pipeline, now we worry about the safety of our property & homes.  Williams Partners has broken our trust. We have learned that Williams’ surveyors have a history of trespassing on properties on other projects.  We have also heard from other Martic & Conestoga residents that their land was illegally surveyed in the past.  We are therefore led to believe that the surveyors’ actions were systemic, and not an isolated incident.

Following the incidents this week, our neighborhood has pulled together.  Our community is united against the pipeline.

We believe that information gathered through illegal surveying should not be allowed to be used in the process of filing with FERC.  We call on Williams Partners to dispose of all illegally-gathered survey records from our properties.  We call on Williams to change this pattern of illegal trespass, by holding higher-ups accountable.


M. Chris Collins

Ed Saxton

Tim Desmond

Kevin and Kelly Shelley


All three landowners who have signed on to this statement spoke at the press conference last evening.  More are expected to sign on soon.