Mark Clatterbuck Found "Not Guilty"

Meehan_Clatterbuck.jpgThe Quarryville magistrate determined that Mark Clatterbuck is "not guilty" of disorderly conduct and that the state failed to make their case.  This comes as no surprise to the crowd of family and friends who came out to support Mark.  Attorney Sam Mecum successfully presented the defense's case.  

Clatterbuck and other concerned citizens visited Williams Partners job site in Rock Springs on September 26th. As a result of their efforts, Williams workers were cited for 10 erosion and sedimentation control violations by a state-designated inspector.  In Lancaster County, the Lancaster County Conservation District is the agency designated by the state Department of Environmental Protection to investigate complaints and inspect earth disturbance activities for violations of the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law.

After returning to the scene, Mark noticed all of the license plates on the job site were out of town and decided to videotape them.   The next day he received a call from the State Police letting him know of the charges against him.

Mark's full statement regarding the events can be found here.