Lancaster Against Pipelines Joins Indigenous Leaders in Denouncing Pipeline’s Path Through Native Burial Grounds



LOCATION: The Lancaster Stand

DATE & TIME: Saturday, March 4 @ 10 AM

ADDRESS: 325 Conestoga Blvd ⚫ Conestoga PA 17516

For the past two years, county residents have joined indigenous leaders in condemning the plans of Transco/Williams to run the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline through confirmed Native American burial grounds and ancient archaeological sites located in southern Lancaster County. Whether filing comments on the FERC docket, or delivering statements at public hearings, or enduring arrest on the Brookfield property itself during pre-construction drilling, Native and non-Native persons alike have demanded that these sacred Susquehannock (Iroquoian) sites be honored.


Despite these urgent calls for protection, FERC maintains that neither trenching, nor blasting, nor the highly invasive practice known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) would inflict “significant” harm to the burial sites located directly in the pipeline’s path. We contend that such a flagrant desecration of hallowed ground would never be permitted through a Christian cemetery or war memorial.

The moral bankruptcy of billionaire energy companies was further displayed this week when Brookfield Renewable Energy, which owns a parcel of land immediately adjacent to a federally recognized Susquehannock Indian cemetery along the Conestoga River, hurriedly gave Williams permission to install the pipeline through their land—and, in turn, this Native burial site. And they did so even as hundreds of Pennsylvania residents, including indigenous leaders, were flooding the offices of senior Brookfield management urging them to protect these sites.

Local indigenous leaders will be joined by LAP spokespersons, as well as expert archaeologists, to hold Williams accountable for their plans to desecrate this sacred land. They will also call friends and allies, far and near, to join The Lancaster Stand encampment to enforce the protection of these sites through non-violent mass action.