Local News Coverage

Three pieces by Ad Crable on the Atlantic Sunrise, all worth reading: Williams bought the farm; the PA DEP is hosting a hearing on the Atlantic Sunrise's air pollution; and a "restless" Williams is aggressively advertising and pressuring legislators.


"State to hold hearing in Lancaster over Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline air pollution plan," July 22

"Because Lancaster County is out of compliance for federal and state limits for smog and soot, projects cannot worsen the air here. The pipeline would exceed the limits for nitrogen oxides, a precursor for smog."

"Pipeline builder to buy Conestoga farm where opposition is headquartered; protesters vow to continue movement," July 31

"'We put a lot of time, energy and prayer into that particular spot but The Stand is more than a 12-acre plot. We have other locations. We continue to stand as a community.'"

"Atlantic Sunrise pipeline builder goes on offensive to get needed environmental approvals from the state," August 2

"The pro-pipeline online campaign urges the public to 'Stand for Economic Benefits,' 'Stand for Energy Independence,' 'Stand for Reducing Emissions,' and 'Stand for Local Partnerships.'

To opponents of the pipeline in Lancaster County, which uses 'The Stand' slogan, use of the 'stand' language appears a direct shot across the bow.

'It’s absolutely a rip-off,' said Tim Spiese, a Martic Township resident and member of Lancaster Against Pipelines.

'We’re honored that a multi-billion-dollar company is using our verbiage. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!'”