Lancaster Chamber of Commerce - Whose Side Are You On?

Statement from Lancaster Against Pipelines regarding the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce's July 28 meeting with Williams Partners:

Last week, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce announced that it has invited Megan Stafford, Cindy Ivey and Scott Carney of Williams Partners to speak to their membership just half a mile from the route of the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

This meeting is an insult for residents who stand to have our homes and lives permanently altered by this for-export pipeline. Apparently Williams officials are willing to come to affected townships, but they continue to be unwilling to publicly engage with the community who their project would actually affect.

Still, we can’t say we’re surprised. Williams Partners are only in this world for their own profit.

The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce wants to believe that it can take a neutral stance by hosting a “public discourse” with Williams Gas officials. But a public discourse can’t include a limited number of $25 tickets benefitting your own organization.

And when it comes to our families, our farms, our history and our heritage - there is no neutral ground. The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, by hosting Williams Gas, has aligned with a company that is not acting in the best interests of Lancaster County small businesses, farms or families.

We ask the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce - whose side are you own? The history, homes, farms and small businesses of Lancaster County? Or the billion dollar private profits of an out-of-state corporation that will bring no benefit to our county?

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce: Stand with Lancaster County.