LAP Has Strong Showing at Farm Show

farmingnotfracking.jpgLancaster Against Pipelines (LAP) came out in force to show support for "Farmers, Not Fracking," a rally coordinated by the group Pennsylvanians Against Fracking.  LAP was there to support our farmers who are being asked to sacrifice their business priorities for that of the private profits of Williams Partners.  Williams Partners has applied to FERC to install a large 42" high pressure greenfield pipeline through rich farmland, and land of historical and archaeological significance.  The purpose of the pipeline is largely for export of Marcellus fracked gas to international markets and of little benefit to people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, or even the nation. 

Farmers in Lancaster County confirm what experts say -- a natural gas pipeline impacts crop production for many years to come.  Farmers and other land owners should not be asked to sacrifice their livelihoods.