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LCN Issue #1: January 2016


Welcome to the very first issue of LAP Community News! 

As we dig out from the blizzard of 2016, Lancaster Against Pipelines (LAP) remains committed to protecting our beautiful county against Williams’ proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project. In order to keep our friends and allies informed, we’ll be sharing regular updates through this e-newsletter. Only by staying informed & making our voices heard will we succeed in protecting what matters most to us—our families, our communities, our natural resources, and our heritage.

We hope you’re inspired by the following stories.

Comments to FERC show massive public opposition to Atlantic Sunrise

Here’s a statistic that Williams would rather keep a secret: of the 6,000+ public comments that have been submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in reference to the Atlantic Sunrise Project, 96.9% are opposed to the pipeline! After combing through every letter submitted to FERC related to the ASP, Marita Hines of LAP has compiled the first comprehensive analysis of public opinion on this project. Lancaster County has spoken—and it’s sobering news for the gas industry.  Click here for the full report. To submit your own comments to FERC, follow this link.

LAP is Now a Tax-Exempt 501(c)3 Non-Profit 

Beginning January 2016, Lancaster Against Pipelines (LAP) is officially a federally recognized non-profit enjoying tax-exempt status. To make a tax-exempt donation to LAP in 2016, visit our website:

From Boom to Bust: Gas Industry in Economic Free Fall

In Fall 2015, independent energy analyst Dr. Dennis Witmer spoke at Millersville University and Franklin & Marshall College to deliver a very straight-forward message: plummeting gas prices have rendered Williams’ proposed Atlantic Sunrise project economically unfeasible. As a result: [1] he urged investors to abandon the project, and [2] argued that the federal government has no business invoking the awesome power of eminent domain to support this doomed project.

He also highlighted how this project represents a massive redistribution of wealth—taking money, land, and resources (like property value) from everyday Americans, and transferring that to obscene profits for super-wealthy industry execs. For more, click here to view Dennis Witmer's Presentation.

The uncertainty surrounding the gas industry is reflected in these shocking statistics: Williams’ Gas Company stocks dropped a startling 39% in 2015—and, in January 2016 alone, their stocks are down another 35%.

 Out of desperation, the gas industry—plagued by safety violations, mismanagement, and a disastrous environmental track record—is now seeking a federal bailout! Call or write your elected officials demanding that they not use taxpayer money to bail out the very industry that’s poisoning our water, contaminating our land, and putting our neighborhoods at risk. Tell them that it’s time, finally, to invest in the future with clean, renewable energy.

Conestoga Historical Society Rejects $10K Grant from Williams

In 2015, Williams tried to silence local pipeline opposition by offering so-called “Community Grants.” One group that was initially awarded a $10K grant was the Conestoga Historical Society. However, in response to overwhelming pressure from local residents, board members voted during a public meeting to reject the money. We applaud this courageous decision! It’s our hope that other local groups will follow their example by refusing Williams’ attempts to buy our silence.

Lancaster Farmland Trust: Fighting to Protect Preserved Land

The Lancaster Farmland Trust (LFT) continues to challenge Williams’ plan to violate preservation easements on more than 50 farms in the county. In a public statement recently filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Farmland Trust states that farmland preservation in Lancaster County represents a value of more than $330 million. This staggering number reflects a generational commitment to farmland preservation in our county. And that’s a heritage worth fighting to protect.

Click here to read the Farmland Trust’s powerful statement opposing the ASP.

Protect PA Quilt Project: Nearing 250 Squares!

In Fall 2015, LAP unveiled its plans to build a giant quilt made entirely of squares designed by local opponents of the proposed pipeline. LNP & other local news outlets covered the story. Each square symbolizes a personal statement of pride in our county, featuring an artistic expression of resistance to Williams’s plans to exploit our land & communities.

 We’re now approaching 250-squares, making the quilt 5-ft high by 50-ft long. This is the exact width of Williams’ proposed right-of-way through our county. Thanks to all who have contributed to this powerful piece of art work! To add a square of your own to this growing & historic symbol of Lancaster County pride, you can find out how by visiting the Protect PA Quilt Project website.

Here’s our quilt displayed at the PA Farm Show earlier this month.


LAP Joins County Landowners in Exploring Litigation Against Williams

In recent weeks, dozens of landowners refusing to sign leases with Williams have joined LAP in meeting with local attorneys to explore legal actions against the company.  Landowner complaints against Williams include: the company’s pattern of intimidation and bullying against resistant landowners, a pattern of misinformation (read “lying”) to landowners, trespassing by land agents, violating preserved land, and issuing fraudulent contracts to landowners. If FERC approves the ASP later this spring, a number of landowners are also poised to join the Clean Air Council (CAC) in suing FERC for abusing the power of eminent domain. To read the CAC’s statement against using eminent domain for the ASP, click here.


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