Conestoga Resident Hearing Scheduled for October 21st

KimKann.jpgA hearing is scheduled for Conestoga resident and public school teacher Kimberly Kann on Wednesday, October 21st at 9am at the Lancaster County Courthouse, Courtroom 5, 50 North Duke St in Lancaster. Supporters are welcome.

Kann was arrested for disorderly conduct on April 28th during a public meeting at the Conestoga Fire Hall.  According to Township Supervisors, the meeting was intended to provide the public with information regarding an upcoming Home Rule study group vote which took place in May, 2015.   The Conestoga Community Group were denied the opportunity to participate in the presentation.  Kann was arrested trying to correct important misstatements by the township-selected panel. 

The supervisors ordered police to detain Kann for not following their meeting format, which limited Conestoga residents to only asking questions. Statements or clarifications from township residents were banned by the supervisors, as were questions or comments about the proposed pipeline.