Today 50 residents stood for Lancaster County at early AM Williams Meeting

Over 50 residents of Lancaster County began gathering as early as 6:15am to stand in opposition to Williams proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.


Residents asked Cindy Ivey of Williams Companies to meet with them and have an informal, in person discussion about the impacts of the planned pipeline. Cindy Ivey declined to meet with residents, as can be seen in this video:

Residents set up tables and breakfast, and asked for Williams officials to sit down and have a discussion with them. Williams declined to have an unscripted conversation with local residents.

Mark Clatterbuck and Tim Spiese of Martic Township spoke after the meeting, and issued a statement telling the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce that there is no neutral ground on this issue. The Chamber can choose to side with Lancaster farms, families, homes, and history - or it can side with billion-dollar profits for an out of state company.