Illegal Surveying Complaints

Lancaster Against Pipelines has learned that for the past few months, properties along the proposed pipeline route have been illegally trespassed upon by surveyors.  

We are in the process of compiling a list of public testimony from landowners & residents.  If your land has been trespassed upon, you can submit an incident report below.  Lancaster Against Pipelines will contact you and work with you to publish a report of the story.


Date of Trespass:
Incident Report:


Incident Reports:

8/5/14 – Kevin & Kara Shelley of Susquehannock Dr.:


We know that survey crews were seen in the area on Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday afternoon about 4:00, a neighbor came to our home to alert us to the fact that she had found 3 surveyors on her property when she arrived home.  We walked our own property in search of trespassers and found evidence of their presence in the form of new survey markers.  We had previously, and specifically, told Williams representative, Bonnie Anselm, that we would not give permission for any access to our property.  We were extremely upset to learn that our wishes were completely ignored.  On Tuesday night, Kevin spoke with a PA state trooper about the incident.
Kevin and Kelly Shelley


Tracey McVey 8/6/14:


Yesterday I came home from work about 3:30pm. Changed my clothes and let the dogs out. All of my dogs came back in but one. All of a sudden I heard her “someone is here bark.” I walk out onto my back deck and see 3 men at my Rose of Sharon bushes. I yell from the deck, “Can I help you with something?” They just wave me off. So I proceed to go down to them. Now they are by my Poplar Tree heading into my grown up hedge row, which they think is the property line. I ask them again, “Can I help you with something?”

They tell me they are just surveying. I ask them surveying for What??? They tell me for the new pipeline that is going in. I told them they do not have permission, written or otherwise, to be on my property. He takes a step backwards and states that he is not on my property. I inform him that the hedgerow IS my property and he IS trespassing and has been since the three of them emerged on the backside of my property from a standing cornfield. It is really scary to come out of your back door, being surrounded by fields and woods, to see three men standing there, not knowing how they got there. So he takes another step backwards, obviously on my neighbor’s property, and says,” Now I am not on your property.” At that point I ask to see the written permission for my neighbor’s property. He said, “I have it.” I told him I would like to see it. He then said it was in the truck.

Then he said,” For your information we have permission from all of these properties to be on them.” As he pointed down the valley where the pipeline is routed to go. At that point I told him he was a LIAR under no uncertain terms and I know this because I just had attended a local pipeline meeting and I know every single one of the people he just referred to and NONE of them has signed a permission for anyone from the pipeline to survey. He says, “I will go back to my truck and double check, but I am sure I have them.” I called him a LIAR again, and I told him to triple check. Then all three walk right through my other 2 neighbor’s backyards, which are posted “PRIVATE PROPERTY- NO TRESSPASSING”.

They had to actually walk passed the signs to exit all the properties they just invaded. After going back into my house I realized what a stupid thing I had done. I am alone, in the middle of fields and woods where no one can see or even hear me. I have no phone in hand or anything else and I confront three men invading my private property who know they are not supposed to be there. Then I call the police.