"Home Rule is the Answer in Martic Township"

In an Op-Ed with LNP today, Emily Weinstock-Collins announced a campaign for Home Rule in Martic Township.  Home Rule is a form of direct-democracy governance that townships in Pennsylvania may choose to use, rather than a traditional second-class township structure.  

Emily writes:

"The unjust and unethical system still needs to be challenged for the sake of our community as well as for communities all over the country that are exploited and sacrificed for the benefit of corporate America. "



"Williams Company’s proposed natural gas pipeline has been a concern to Martic Township residents since we first learned of it last spring.

In the months that followed, nearly a thousand of our residents have expressed their opposition and countless human hours have gone into community meetings, research and education, planning and various attempts to prevent this proposed pipeline. What we have discovered is that this issue goes far beyond one pipeline: This is a systemic problem that takes power away from individuals and communities, who live here and know the land and environment, and puts it in the hands of large corporations, with board members making decisions from over a thousand miles away."

Read the full article on Lancaster Online.