Victory! Conestoga & Martic to Continue Pursuing Home Rule

It costs residents a lot of money to defend their community in court.

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The challenges to Martic & Conestoga's Home Rule petitions were overturned today in Lancaster County Court.

Home Rule will be on the May Ballot in Conestoga and Martic!

Judge Joe Madenspacher made the ruling today, and defendants received the news via their attorney.  On Friday, 70 Lancaster residents were in Lancaster County Court watching the proceedings.   The challenge to residents' Home Rule petitions was filed by Barabara Stokes and Drue Miles.  Both Miles and Stokes are connected to current township supervisors and Republican party leadership.  

Their challenge pitted established political leaders with both Republican and Democrat residents who support Home Rule.  The crowd who came out in support of Home Rule on Friday included Republican and Democrat residents of Conestoga & Martic, and supporters from across Lancaster County who are looking to the two townships for their leadership in opposing the construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.  

More updates and information will be posted as we learn it.