Health and Safety

Health issues: When it comes to public health, these pipelines endanger the air we breathe and the water we drink. The history of other pipelines suggests it is not a question of if a pipeline will leak, but when — and these leaks would immediately and irrevocably pollute our air and water.

Pipelines such as this one have exploded multiple times in the past, killing civilians and burning hundreds of homes to the ground. Williams Partners in particular is known for its lax safety standards, frequent pipeline leaks, and explosions. Few regulations (and even less monitoring) exist to ensure the safety of these pipelines for humans or the environment. Who bears the cost of these risks? The local communities who live near the pipelines.

Click here to access an incomplete list Williams Partners safety violations.

This article for investors, written in October 2014, warns investors that Williams Partners management has failed to correct its safety record, which shows 14 accidents during the previous 11 years.