Halt Lifted

Last evening the US Court for the District of Columbia lifted the halt of construction.

As you know, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia halted construction on the entire Atlantic Sunrise pipeline on Monday. Thanks to all of you who visited construction sites to document activity and see workers off.

Williams was not pleased by the stoppage—not least because their company’s stock value dropped by 5% in the blink of an eye.

Williams immediately asked the court to lift the halt—and demanded that the Sierra Club and the other petitioners in the lawsuit post an $8 million security bond for the company’s losses. Get that? They coerce our neighbors, invade our county, rake a trench through our fields and forests, endanger our health and safety—and still have the nerve to ask us to pay more.

The best destruction money can buy.

But last evening, in a move that emphasizes the grip of power that this industry has on our country, the court lifted the ban.

Per Reuters:

"A U.S. federal appeals court on Wednesday lifted a temporary stay of construction on Williams Cos Inc’s nearly $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. 

Some energy traders had worried the stay could have caused a delay in the pipeline’s in service date, which would keep gas trapped in the Marcellus shale."

Reading the rest of the pro-industry article, rife with lies and false data, is not recommended.

It seems that news organizations are unwilling to fact check Williams's press statements, allowing misconceptions about jobs and other economic benefits to be spread.



"The nearly $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise project will increase the amount of Marcellus Shale gas that can be transported into the South. The pipeline will cross 10 Pennsylvania counties including Lancaster and Lebanon.

The project includes revising piping in six compressor stations in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina to permit natural gas to flow in both directions."

A pro-industry update from BusinessWire