Governor Tom Wolf Blues

He's our seemingly enlightened Governor, but his hideous blindspot on fossil fuels is both unsurprising and dangerous. This week, a host of issues put Governor Tom Wolf in the spotlight for his draconian and inconsistent views on his constituents' health and safety. Here's an update on what you should know about the Governor's recent doings:


The Philly Inquirer's Will Bunch writes ("Why PA's Fracked-Up Spending Deal is an Environmental Nightmare," August 8, Yes, we've posted it elsewhere because it's that good):

"The people who haven’t been friends to Clatterbuck in this epic battle have been the politicians from both parties who — their pockets often bulging with campaign donations from Big Oil and Gas — tout the economic benefits of projects like the Atlantic Sunrise while shielding their ears from the pleas of property owners. 'When it comes to the environment, whether it’s Democrats or Republicans, the industry has them in their back pocket,' she told me this week. 'It doesn’t matter which party you belong to.'”

Clatterbuck felt that way before the latest environmental outrage to emanate from upriver in Harrisburg: News of a proposed state spending deal that not only hits everyday consumers with new taxes much harder than it hits the lucrative oil-and-gas business, but that essentially hands the keys for permitting new fracking rigs over to industry while obliterating proposed pollution regulations that could curb climate change caused by methane."

Delaware Riverkeeper Network's Maya K. van Rossum at PennLive with a guest editorial, August 4, "What's behind Gov. Wolf's giveaway to big business":

"Gov. Tom Wolf has joined forces with the Republican-controlled state Legislature to hand over Pennsylvania's environment to the state's biggest industries including oil, gas and coal. 

No longer will the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) be able to thoughtfully review drilling and mining permits, toxic site development projects, or proposed new fracking operations. 

In less than two years, the industry will be able to choose who will review and approve their permit applications.  A cabal of private consultants will be available for industry to choose from. 

Consultants on the list will be the same consultants working for the very same industries."

Wolf, living the life he wants. On August 3 StateImpact/NPR journalist Marie Cusak wrote about Wolf's interview with WITF, in which Wolf threw you and your kids under the Big Oil & Gas bus:

“'If we’re going to live the life we want to live, with the things we have here–on the way to a sustainable energy future– we’re going to be needing these products,' says Wolf. 'We’re going to have to transport them, and we need to do everything we can to make sure we’re doing this as safely as possible.'”

In response to the Governor's negligence of duty, the Sierra Club and Mariner East 2 opponent Elise Gerhart released a statement:

“If Governor Wolf was truly concerned about his constituents, he would listen to the thousands of Pennsylvanians who called for the denial of the Mariner East 2 pipeline earlier this year. We demand that the Governor halt construction of the Mariner East 2 and all other pipeline projects in the state until a full environmental review of these projects and related gas infrastructure has been completed as required by the Pennsylvania State Constitution.”


If you're tired of Wolf violating your constitutional rights to clean air and water, to your own property, give him a call:


Think this is all a fraudulent collusion of government and big industry? Ask Attorney General Josh Shapiro to do his job.