Stand with the Sisters: Palm Sunday

Photo Credit: David Parry, Kevin Lynn, P.D. Gantert, Josh YoderPhoto Credit: Kevin Lynn

Winterfest: Williams Office Visit

Winterfest: Drill Rig Shut Down

Occupy the Pipeline

Photos from December 9 Justice Bus

On Saturday more than a hundred Lancastrians gathered to tour the hideous route of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline as it winds through our county. We mourned, we witnessed the destruction, we supported each other, and we danced, danced, danced. All in the first snow of the season.

(Image: David Parry)

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Chapel at Sunrise, with Vespers

On Tuesday several of us met at the chapel before dawn. We drank coffee, caught up on plans, and were then joined by Sisters Colette and Leona, who hold vespers every Tuesday morning. (All images by Anne Sensenig)

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Saturday's Chapel Team Work Meeting

On Saturday, the Chapel Team gathered to set up the Vigil Support Tent, catch up on news, stain some more benches (Thanks, Jon!), and eat cake (Thanks, Susan). (Images by Anne Sensenig.)

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Photos of October 1

(All photos by Rebecca Gardner)

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Pipeline Construction Ahead

Nonviolent Mass Action Training, September 23/24

Some photos of the training hosted at Climber's Run last weekend. (All photos were taken by Becky Gardner.)

Art training provided by People's Collective Arts. Thank you!

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