Eminent Domain Now in Use

Here's LancasterOnline's editorial board on August 10 on the use of eminent domain in the county:

"So you can do a hundred things in your quest to contest eminent domain, but miss one thing — fail to cross one 't' or dot one 'i' — and you’re doomed.

No wonder people feel helpless and overwhelmed when they’re facing the prospect of eminent domain. The system seems stacked against them.

However legal the taking of private land for corporate benefit may be, it still strikes many of us as deeply unfair."

More on eminent domain:

"U.S. Eastern District Court Judge Jeffrey Schmehl on Tuesday issued an order giving the Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co. the right to condemn the property of Jeffrey and Kim Kann to obtain permanent and temporary rights of way for the pipeline."

via Ad Crable at Lancaster Online, August 5 (don't miss the comments)

The decision was made while landowner Kim Kann was out of the country.

WGAL's Mike Straub spoke with Kann after the condemnation.

Bay Journal's Donna Morelli wrote:

"While opponents have dominated public meetings in the past, supporters turned out in force for a recent DEP permit hearing on the project. Three front rows were filled with pipe layers from West Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee and other states. Opponents gathered in the back of the room, including farmers, doctors and teachers, unlikely activists in a conservative county."

BTW, here's the link to LancasterOnline's complete coverage of the Atlantic Sunrise.