Jeopardizing the Water for Another 70k Lancastrians

The more light we shine on the approval process for the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, the more reckless it appears to be. (For many residents not yet paying attention, it's still easier to accept that the process is haphazard rather than outright illegal, immoral or dangerous.) Now city officials are reporting their concerns about how the pipeline would cross a main water line that serves 70,000 residents:

"With construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline possibly only a month away, Lancaster city officials said Friday they still don’t know how, or exactly where, the pipeline will cross a main water line that 70,000 residents rely on for drinking water.

Nor has the city signed an easement agreement allowing the gas pipeline to cross the city’s right of way.

'We’re very frustrated and angry,' Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the city’s public works director, said Friday morning.

She said the city had repeatedly written to Williams Partners, the pipeline’s builder, without receiving a reply.

Asked about the situation on Friday, Williams spokesman Christopher  Stockton said the company is aware of the water line from engineering drawings and it will be clearly flagged, along with other buried lines, prior to pipeline construction."

We've all learned that Williams, via their spokesperson Chris Stockton, will say whatever sounds best, like JOBS and PROGRESS; and we all know that Williams has continued to treat residents with the kind of condescension that only an entitled corporation can get away with--but to hear that they've snowed or ignored city officials in charge of our water safety, with the same disregard they've displayed toward residents, is yet another degree of enlightenment for the pipeline's opponents. 

Yesterday, workers were out in a corn field searching for the exact location of the water main.