News on the Construction Halt

A federal court has issued an emergency motion to temporarily stop construction on the Atlantic Sunrise project, a $3 billion export pipeline running through Lancaster County.

Rachel McDevitt at WITF

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Jennifer Todd at Lancaster Online:

“'We are currently reviewing today’s temporary order and identifying any potential short-term impact to the Atlantic Sunrise project this ruling may have,' Christopher Stockton, spokesman for builder Williams Partners, said Monday evening."

Sierra Club Statement:

“'Today’s decision reinforces the fact that FERC must conduct a thorough examination of the threat these dirty and dangerous projects pose to communities across the country,' said Sierra Club Senior Campaign Representative Patrick Grenter. 'Williams and FERC can no longer railroad this project without adequately and legally examining the threats Atlantic Sunrise will create for our health, our water, and our air. Communities have been forcefully voicing their opposition to this project for years, and we are thankful that they’re one day closer to having their day in court.'”

More from Sierra Club on the request for halt.

For background, you can view the Sierra Club's March review of the project here.


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