Conestoga Area Historical Society Rejects Williams' Grant Money

ConestogaHistorical.jpgMembers from groups opposing the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline came out in force when they heard the Conestoga Area Historical Society (CAHS) would be discussing a $10,000 grant from Williams Partners.  Following the regular monthly board meeting this past Thursday, community members expressed their anger and betrayal.  Ken Hoak read a scathing account of all the events leading up to the decision to accept money from Williams.

It was clear that some CAHS board members did not wish to take money from a company whose project would destroy important historical sites. but they made their case that the funds were sorely needed.  What followed was an outpouring of promises from the community in exchange for a rejection of the grant money.  In turn, folks from the audience offered their assistance--to build shelving, perform gardening and general repairs, make website updates, help with their facebook page and provide assistance with a mailing.  

Each year the society raffles off an 18th century Flintlock. This year's rifle is a 50 calibur PA Isaac Haines style rifle. It is made by journeyman gunmaker Dan Behmer from Conestoga. Dan won two awards at the 3rd annual Dixon's gunman ing fair. The rifle is inscribed CAHS 25th Anniversary #1.  It comes with the following accessories: presentation quality curly maple stock and woodside patch box; neck knife with beaded sheath; scrimshaw ed powder horn by Bob Lerh in 18th century style; 18th century leather possible bag. First prize is the rifle and accouterments OR $2000. Second and third prizes are $100 each. You do not need to be present to win. Tickets are $20. The drawing will be held on December 12th at 9 PM during the candlelight tour. Only 500 tickets are being sold.

Museums of this size depend heavily on the support of the public.   Raffle tickets can be purchased at the museum, 51 Kendig Road, Conestoga, Saturdays or Sundays, 1-4 PM.