Conestoga Meeting Notes from July 8, 2014

The following is notes and links from the public meeting in Conestoga Township.

Thank you everyone for coming and to our supervisors for allowing us to gather and distribute information to the township. The purpose of this meeting is to touch briefly on the pipeline and it’s possible impact and quickly summarize issues that have come up since the last meeting.

In the last meeting we were asked by the people of Conestoga to explore options for moving or preventing the pipeline from going through our township and Lancaster County if we can. We have brought our first speaker tonight who will give you an option as a community to say no to the pipeline.

There is a table with materials in the back as well as a cooler with water which is free but we do ask that you make a donation to the fire station who has been generous enough to allow us to use this space.



  • Updates since last meeting
  • Concerns
  • Presentation: Chad Nicholson from CELDF
  • Question & Answer
  • Closing


Since Last meeting

  • Rerouting twice Mt. joy protection for water wells? Moved from Shenks ferry and Tucquan Glen, but Williams has not officially filed the new paths with FERC. It could still change
  • More than 1,100 people attended the open house. The largest turn out so far. Many were left unsatisfied by the answers given, or lack of answers.
  • Lebanon commissioners asked for more informative Q and A type meeting, declined. Last week they asked again, Williams stated they will consider.
  • Rapho is also now asking for another meeting due to re route
  • West hempfield held 1st meeting
  • Tonight’s speaker, Chad from CELDF, spoke to Lebanon a few weeks ago.
  • Williams says they are unaware of indian burial grounds, we have someone researching sites and gathering information.


We have found that people are questioning a lot of the facts that are coming to light about this project so we have worked to give the sources for any information we give tonight. You may find the information from this presentation on lancasterpipelines.com as well as well as links to the sources we cite.


Introduction review

Marcellus Shale is the largest source of natural gas in the United States. Williams Partnersis trying to build a transmission line from the Marcellus shale region to the Cove Point LNG Terminal which is an offshore liquid natural gas shipping terminal. This line is called the Atlantic sunrise Project. It is also called the central penn pipeline.

According to the Oil and Gas Journal 20 year gas contracts have already been signed for export of the Marcellus natural gas to Japan and India.
from Williams partners Analyst Day presentation


What Kind of Pipeline
You may have talked with people that have said they have pipelines in their yard and have had no problem. We need to be clear what we are talking about.

Service Pipeline: connect to a meter that delivers natural gas to individual customers. Under 2” around 6 psi

Distribution pipelines often called “mains” the run between 2-24” in diameter and have a pressure less than 200 PSI.

The main that blew up the Framery in MIllersville was an 8” main.

Transmission Line: Atlantic Sunrise 42”

42-inch pipeline with a pressure of 1,500 pounds per square inch.


This is from the cover of a Williams powerpoint on the pipeline


Unlike the Framery Transco explosions are much bigger.

“It was what can only be described as a massive fireball, a quarter- to a half-mile tall and at least that wide,” said Appomattox County Deputy of the Appotamax VA Transco explosion



Future Growth

Right now Williams is talking about 1 pipeline but facts indicate that more will follow. According to Cindy Ivey in her presentation at the commissioner meeting she stated that Williams prefers to “line them up like highways.”



“Pennsylvania has overtaken the Gulf of Mexico as the major gas supplier for the world,” Stockton said.In his june 4th interview with Penn Live.


bcf/d Billion Cubic Feet Per Day


1,000 cubic feet (1 Mcf) = 1 dekatherm (10 therms)


Marcellus gas production continues to outpace takeaway capacity. more than 1,300 wells there are drilled but not completed.


Ways Williams can improve capacity per http://atlanticsunriseexpansion.com

One could speculate that the Atlantic Sunrise Project  may grow as williams works to deliver the excess gas from the marcellus region.