Communities Rising Tour: Lancaster

Monday - 4/10

Communities Rising Tour - Lancaster, PA 
Defying the Corporate State

Unitarian Universalist Church 
538 W. Chestnut Street Lancaster

Featuring voices from the front lines fighting against corporate exploitation. Featured speakers include Ken Ward, Jay O’Hara, and Lancaster’s own Malinda Clatterbuck. For full event info click here.



In October, 2016, Ken was one of five "Valveturners" in the Shut It Down action, which closed all five pipelines carrying tar sands oil from Canada into the US. Ken is also a founding member of the Climate Disobedience Center, active in the , and, with Shell No! Campaign

Jay O'Hara, who blocked a coal shipment at Brayton Point in 2013 with a lobster boat.


Thomas Linzey is the Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and co-founder of the Daniel Pennock Democracy School. Linzey has been featured in the New York Times Mother Jones The Nation, and in 2007 was named one of Forbes Magazine's “Top Ten Revolutionaries.”


Kathie Jones , Sustainable Medina County - Co-founder Board member, The Ohio Community Rights Network. entities formed to resist the NEXUS pipeline and compressor station. A petition campaign was launched in 2015 and then again in 2016 to put a Medina County Charter on the ballot. The initiative was struck from the ballots by the Ohio Secretary of State and Ohio Supreme Court, even though over 6,500 residents signed to put it on each year. Another initiative will be proposed in 2017.

Gwen Fischer , Portage Community Rights – Co-founder Group Ohio Community Rights Network ; Board member of Portage County has Ohio's second highest amount of toxic oil and gas waste injected into 14 active Class II injection wells--11,645,800 BBLs. (489,123,600 gallons). Last year, after collecting over 5,000 signatures, our rights-based, local-control charter was kept off the ballot on a technicality. We've revised our charter and are again collecting signatures to assert our rights by legalizing democracy where we live.

Malinda Clatterbuck Lancaster Against - Founder of Pipelines LAP in Lancaster County, PA, and is also a pastor at the Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster. In February 2017, after the Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline project was greenlighted by federal regulatory agencies, began an LAP encampment in the pipeline's path, and they'll be there as long as it takes to stop it.

Stacy Long East Run Hellbenders Society - President, . She’s a Township Supervisor in Grant Township, Indiana County, PA, where, in 2016, she worked with other Supervisors and residents to adopt a first-in-the-nation law that legalizes nonviolent direct action in Grant Township to protect the community from a frack wastewater injection well.

Tish O’Dell Community , Ohio Community Organizer, Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF)

Chad Nicholson - Pennsylvania Community Organizer,Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF)

Sponsored by:

Pennsylvania Community Rights Network (PACRN),
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF),
Portage Community Rights Group, Sustainable Medina County,
Ohio Community Rights Network, Lancaster Against Pipelines (LAP),
East Run Hellbenders Society