Camp Rules

No alcohol.

No illegal drugs.

No weapons.

No violence or property destruction.

All dogs must be leashed at all times.

- Respecting the Property: The Lancaster Stand Camp exists by the request, permission, and generosity of the property owners. We respect and honor any requests by the property owners. This includes departing in a timely manner if requested and leaving the land in a better condition than when we arrived.

- Respecting the Camp: By participating in the Lancaster Stand Camp, we agree to respect and follow all Core Values, Strategic Principles, Camp Rules and Guidelines. If you do not feel you can respect and follow our Core Values, Strategic Principles, Camp Rules and/or Guidelines, we ask that you remove yourself from the camp. If you act in a manner that disrespects this camp or its participants, we will attempt to help you reconcile the offense with a peaceful mediation process. If you refuse to engage in the mediation process, we will ask you to peacefully leave the camp.

- Respecting the Land: We are here for the protection of our most vulnerable resources; the land, the water, and the lives of Lancaster County. We keep the Lancaster Stand Camp clean, healthy, organized, and with as little negative impact as possible. We practice recycling, composting, and minimal waste production. We respect and honor the lives of all of our neighbors, including the land, the plants, the animals, and the Conestoga River.

- Respecting the Campers: We practice universal tolerance. We respect all nationalities and races. We respect all forms of sexual orientation. We respect all belief systems; religious, spiritual, political, and otherwise. We are conscious of the impacts of our actions and language on other camp participants. We make every effort to act and speak respectfully, in a manner that is not offensive, that encourages community growth, and that is inclusive of all camp participants. We actively participate in the tasks and maintenance of the camp.

- Respecting Ourselves: We practice self-awareness and self-care. We support ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Based on personal needs, we practice engaging with and disengaging from camp activities, in order to keep ourselves and others safe. We practice lending support and asking for support to help meet each other's needs. We are self-sufficient as possible, providing ourselves with camping gear, clothing, personal care products, and eating utensils.

- Thank You! You and the spirit you bring to the Lancaster Stand Camp are respected and appreciated more than words can express. We thank you for the love, effort, support, and sacrifice that you offer. We thank you for joining all of us as we stand up for our families, the land, the water, and future generations.