The Adorers at Washington Post, by Julie Zauzmer

Zauzmer writes:

“'This just goes totally against everything we believe in — we believe in sustenance of all creation, [Sister Linda Fischer] said.

The pipeline company first sought without success to negotiate with the nuns. Now as Williams Cos. tries to seize the land by eminent domain, the order is gearing up for a fight in the courtroom — and a possible fight in the field, as well.

There, smack in the path of the planned pipeline, the nuns have dedicated a new outdoor chapel."

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"Lancaster Against Pipelines to hold public prayer vigil Sunday for nuns headed to court" writes LancasterOnline.

LancasterOnline's Konstantine Fekos writes, "The nuns reportedly refused to sell Williams an easement for the pipeline on the basis that the project would violate their religious practice.

The prayer vigil is scheduled for 7 p.m. July 16 at the nuns' recently-dedicated outdoor chapel, 3939 Laurel Run, Columbia.

'Everyone of good will is invited to join in this vigil as we continue to #StandWithTheSisters (sic) against corporate violation of religious, environmental and community rights,' Lancaster Against Pipelines said Saturday.

Lancaster Against Pipelines announced the vigil just one day after the nuns filed a federal Civil Rights complaint to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Adorers of the Blood of Christ released the following statement online at

The nuns will also hold a public prayer at 10:15 a.m., prior to the 11 a.m. hearing at the Madison Building, 400 Washington Street, Reading."

For more information on the Sunday night vigil or the Monday events, click here.

The Adorers seek an injunction against Williams

Friday night the Adorers of the Blood of Christ released a statement, "Next Steps to Stop the Pipeline in Lancaster County." In part it reads: 

"The Adorers allege that FERC’s action places a substantial burden on their exercise of religion by taking their land, which they want to protect and preserve as part of their faith, and forces the Adorers to use their land in a manner and for a purpose they believe is harmful to the earth.

Today’s filing asks the court to issue an injunction stopping the pipeline from running through the Adorers’ property."

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BIG NEWS: LNP Editorial Board Opposes Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline!

Today, in a game-changing statement, Lancaster Newspapers' Editorial Board opposed the construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

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Media coverage of July 9th's chapel dedication

Here's a recap of the various media stories, local and national, that yesterday's chapel dedication in Columbia garnered:

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Video of yesterday's dedication

Weren't able to join us yesterday in Columbia for the chapel dedication? That's ok. There are several Facebook and youtube videos you can watch whenever you have the time.

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AP/WaPo on the Adorers

Here's a little news item we missed in the lead up to yesterday's joyful and determined chapel dedication: a tidy summation of Williams's intention for the sisters' property--and the sisters' own intentions--by the Associated Press and picked up by the Washington Post.

"COLUMBIA, Pa. — A group opposing a natural gas pipeline slated to go through land owned by some Pennsylvania nuns has built a prayer chapel on the proposed right of way."


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"Catholic nuns hold firm," writes PennLive's Wallace McKelvey

From PennLive, an update on the judge's complicated decision yesterday. Williams quickly released a statement to news organizations spinning the decision as a win for them; yet the effect of the decision is nominal until eminent domain seizure is decided on July 17.

McKelvey quotes the Adorer's statement, released yesterday (and posted on this site): "The hope is that the structure can draw people to prayer and reflection about just and holy uses of land."


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Adorers of the Blood of Christ, US, Statement on the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

"The hope is that the structure can draw people to prayer and reflection about just and holy uses of land. " Statement from the Adorers of the Blood of Christ on the outdoor prayer chapel.

Read the entire statement below.

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"Judge declines to give Atlantic Sunrise pipeline builder immediate possession of nuns' land"

via lancasteronline's Tom Knapp, a summary of yesterday's events in a Reading court:

"A U.S. district judge on Thursday declined to grant builders of the Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline immediate possession of land owned by a religious order near Columbia.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl said he could file a decision Friday or sometime next week. He also might wait until an injunction hearing later this month, he told attorneys in Reading on Thursday.

'I don’t know what I’m going to do at this time,' he said."

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RSVP for Sunday's chapel dedication here.

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