Conestoga Resident Hearing Scheduled for October 21st

KimKann.jpgA hearing is scheduled for Conestoga resident and public school teacher Kimberly Kann on Wednesday, October 21st at 9am at the Lancaster County Courthouse, Courtroom 5, 50 North Duke St in Lancaster. Supporters are welcome.

Kann was arrested for disorderly conduct on April 28th during a public meeting at the Conestoga Fire Hall.  According to Township Supervisors, the meeting was intended to provide the public with information regarding an upcoming Home Rule study group vote which took place in May, 2015.   The Conestoga Community Group were denied the opportunity to participate in the presentation.  Kann was arrested trying to correct important misstatements by the township-selected panel. 

The supervisors ordered police to detain Kann for not following their meeting format, which limited Conestoga residents to only asking questions. Statements or clarifications from township residents were banned by the supervisors, as were questions or comments about the proposed pipeline.

Press Advisory: Anti-Pipeline groups to announce ‘Protect PA Quilt Project’


For Immediate Release:

August 26, 2015 - Press Advisory


Press Advisory: FRIDAY - Anti-Pipeline groups to announce ‘Protect PA Quilt Project’

This Friday, August 28th, at 9am a press conference will be held at Heritage Square, next to Lancaster Central Market, to announce the launch of the Protect PA Quilt Project. Lancaster Against Pipelines, the Lancaster Farmland Trust, Martic SOUL, and Conestoga Community Group are working together to organize and launch this project. Representatives from each group will be on hand to speak about their organization’s participation.

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Lancaster residents gather to prepare launch of Protect PA Quilt Project.

Residents from Martic, Conestoga, West Hempfield, and Lancaster City gathered at Marticville Middle School on Tuesday, August 11th to prepare for the launch of the Protect PA Quilt Project. Malinda Clatterbuck of Martic SOUL led the gathering. 


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Today 50 residents stood for Lancaster County at early AM Williams Meeting

Over 50 residents of Lancaster County began gathering as early as 6:15am to stand in opposition to Williams proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.


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Lancaster Chamber of Commerce - Whose Side Are You On?

Statement from Lancaster Against Pipelines regarding the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce's July 28 meeting with Williams Partners:

Last week, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce announced that it has invited Megan Stafford, Cindy Ivey and Scott Carney of Williams Partners to speak to their membership just half a mile from the route of the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

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Over 130 Supporters Attend "Movement Revival" Pig Roast

by Emily Weinstock-Collins

After more than a year of hard work fighting the pipeline, over 100 people gathered at the Clatterbuck residence to enjoy good fun, good food, and great company.  We played games, roasted marshmallows, and celebrated all that we have accomplished together so far.  Thanks again to all for your work and support, and a huge thank you to the Clatterbucks for hosting this wonderful event.

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Summer FERC Submission Lays Bare Potential Pipeline Impacts

Written by Emily Weinstock-Collins.

Williams’ proposed pipeline has been on our radar for over a year. From the beginning it was clear that this was a disruptive and unwelcome project, but the full extent of the proposed harm to Lancaster County is still coming to light. Last month, Williams submitted supplemental materials to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

This 800-page document puts numbers to the impacts we already knew were coming, and these numbers are staggering.

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350 People Attend Martic Township Home Rule Meeting

350 people attended Wednesday evening's public meeting about Home Rule in Martic Township.  That's roughly one in every seven township residents.  The massive turnout is a indicator of just how big of an issue the pipeline and Home Rule are in southern Lancaster County.  Read on for a recap of the meeting from Martic SOUL (Save Our Unspoiled Land):

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16 questions Martic residents would like to have answered at tonight's public forum on Home Rule.

Via Martic SOUL (Save Our Unspoiled Land)

"Concerned Martic residents have spent the past 14 months intensively researching ways that our local community can better determine our own future, protect ourselves from unwanted & dangerous industrial projects like the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, and have a greater say in our own township affairs.

Tonight our township supervisors are hosting a public forum entitled “What does home rule mean to me?” Aware that our supervisors have, so far, publicly expressed opposition to Home Rule for Martic—and also aware that strict guidelines for public comment have been placed on tonight’s meeting—township residents have compiled the following public list of questions we’d like to see addressed tonight.

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Pro-Home Rule Conestoga Resident arrested for speaking during public meeting


For Immediate Release:

Contact: Lancaster Against Pipelines 717.974.3095 

Pro-Home Rule Conestoga Resident arrested for speaking during public meeting

Conestoga Township supervisors ordered police officers to arrest Conestoga resident Kim Kann during a public meeting Tuesday evening at the Conestoga Fire Hall. Kann was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after speaking in response to the Supervisors’ presentation on Home Rule.

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