LAP & the Adorers on NBC

“It’s just a place for us to be able to come, to be calm, to be focused, to be intentional about our resistance and our willingness to go very, very public with that resistance in a prayerful, nonviolent way."

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Construction Begins.

Williams has begun construction on compressor stations in Orange Township, Columbia County, and Clinton Township, Wyoming County. Last week FERC issued the final necessary permit for construction. You can view it here.

We're ready.

Join us this weekend for the last training before nonviolent mass actions begin. Click here for details.


Text LAPALERT to 94502 to receive immediate updates on actions and gatherings.


Marie Cusick wrote at NPR's State Impact on September 19:

"The project has been met with considerable public push-back, especially in Lancaster County. Hundreds of people have pledged to engage in civil disobedience in an effort to block the project.A Williams spokesman says some preliminary work is beginning in the Lancaster area, but most of it will get underway in mid-to-late October.

'We are always disappointed when the regulatory agencies give another approval or permit for the industry to violate the rights of the people,' says Malinda Clatterbuck of the protest group, Lancaster Against Pipelines. 'That is how we see this decision, as an outright violation of our communities’ constitutional rights to clean air and clean water, and a healthy and sustainable future.'”



Photos from September 17 Vigil

A group of sisters from New York City attended Sunday's vigil. The Adorers of the Blood of Christ host prayer vigils at the Chapel in Columbia every Sunday at 6 pm. (Photos by Mark Clatterbuck.)

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Stopping a pipeline after construction begins.

Federal Marshals--and complicit laws and legislators--let a pipeline company cut down Cathy Holleran's maple trees, then the pipeline was stopped. 

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What it takes to oppose a pipeline

Malinda Clatterbuck, one of the member of Lancaster Against Pipelines, was interviewed by the Center for Urban Progressive Politics.

You can watch it here.

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September 14th Supporters' Email

Read the text of LAP's September 14th email to supporters.

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DEP Approves Williams' Air Pollution.

We knew this was coming, but still, every time we're reminded that our health and safety don't matter to the state, it still hurts. 

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September 4 Email to LAP Supporters

With the PA DEP’s recent approval of the remaining 3 permits required for construction, Williams plans to begin digging and cutting and bulldozing their way across Lancaster County in a few short weeks. But we have other plans for our county. 



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Sisters in the Washington Post, Again!

Washington Post reporter Julie Zauzmer has written a follow up to her July 16th front page article on the Adorers and the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. Zauzmer writes:

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Last Permits Issued; Williams Unscrupled

In a resounding testament to the toothlessness of the PA DEP, Williams was granted the three remaining permits. Construction, Williams say, will begin in mid to late October.

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