Health Risks of Natural Gas

In a new article for the Journal of Lancaster General Hospital (Fall 2017), Dr. Alan S. Petersen outlines the health problems that shale gas (methane) extraction causes, including cancer, infant mortality and child respiratory issues.


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Pipeline Construction Ahead

Here are the Lancaster Co. Organizations Williams Gave Money to

The below organizations received grants from Williams. They are schools, emergency services, fire departments and even conservation groups. While certainly, funding for these organizations is necessary and government contributions have been diminished in recent decades, Williams corporation--which earns $35 billion a year from installing pipelines and other fossil fuel efforts--ingratiates itself to communities through such charitable outreach programs. These efforts work to stifle criticism, however much they benefit individual groups, thus dividing communities and decreasing criticism of Williams's projects.



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Williams and the Police

Local police departments have mailed questionnaire's to landowners asking if they'll host protesters or allow police to charge protesters on their land.

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The Sisters Appeal

Last week Judge Schmehl dismissed the Adorers' lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They are not daunted; they've filed an appeal.

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Songs from Alana Tartaro

Alana and friends (Anne Sensenig, for one) made us clips of songs to listen and sing along to! Lyrics are typed out below.

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Songs from Don Gallagher

From folk music to cartoons, Don Gallagher's shared some tunes for resistance.

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CBS Religion & Culture came through Lancaster several weeks ago to cover the anti-pipeline movement here. They attended a training and visited at the Chapel. And they made this exquisite 30 minute special about faith and fossil fuels and water, "Protecting the Sacred."

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Nonviolent Mass Action Training, September 23/24

Some photos of the training hosted at Climber's Run last weekend. (All photos were taken by Becky Gardner.)

Art training provided by People's Collective Arts. Thank you!

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Rosh Hashanah

Photos of tonight's Rosh Hashanah at the Chapel.

(Images by Jamie Beth Schindler, Andrea Ferich; Sam Schindler shown.)


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