Days of Revolt: The Revolution Will be Local

Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges interviews CELDF’s Thomas Linzey and our very own Mark Clatterbuck of Lancaster Against Pipelines about the growing local resistance and organizing against the fracking industry.   

Conestoga Area Historical Society Rejects Williams' Grant Money

ConestogaHistorical.jpgMembers from groups opposing the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline came out in force when they heard the Conestoga Area Historical Society (CAHS) would be discussing a $10,000 grant from Williams Partners.  Following the regular monthly board meeting this past Thursday, community members expressed their anger and betrayal.  Ken Hoak read a scathing account of all the events leading up to the decision to accept money from Williams.

It was clear that some CAHS board members did not wish to take money from a company whose project would destroy important historical sites. but they made their case that the funds were sorely needed.  What followed was an outpouring of promises from the community in exchange for a rejection of the grant money.  In turn, folks from the audience offered their assistance--to build shelving, perform gardening and general repairs, make website updates, help with their facebook page and provide assistance with a mailing.  

Each year the society raffles off an 18th century Flintlock. This year's rifle is a 50 calibur PA Isaac Haines style rifle. It is made by journeyman gunmaker Dan Behmer from Conestoga. Dan won two awards at the 3rd annual Dixon's gunman ing fair. The rifle is inscribed CAHS 25th Anniversary #1.  It comes with the following accessories: presentation quality curly maple stock and woodside patch box; neck knife with beaded sheath; scrimshaw ed powder horn by Bob Lerh in 18th century style; 18th century leather possible bag. First prize is the rifle and accouterments OR $2000. Second and third prizes are $100 each. You do not need to be present to win. Tickets are $20. The drawing will be held on December 12th at 9 PM during the candlelight tour. Only 500 tickets are being sold.

Museums of this size depend heavily on the support of the public.   Raffle tickets can be purchased at the museum, 51 Kendig Road, Conestoga, Saturdays or Sundays, 1-4 PM.




Mark Clatterbuck Found "Not Guilty"

Meehan_Clatterbuck.jpgThe Quarryville magistrate determined that Mark Clatterbuck is "not guilty" of disorderly conduct and that the state failed to make their case.  This comes as no surprise to the crowd of family and friends who came out to support Mark.  Attorney Sam Mecum successfully presented the defense's case.  

Clatterbuck and other concerned citizens visited Williams Partners job site in Rock Springs on September 26th. As a result of their efforts, Williams workers were cited for 10 erosion and sedimentation control violations by a state-designated inspector.  In Lancaster County, the Lancaster County Conservation District is the agency designated by the state Department of Environmental Protection to investigate complaints and inspect earth disturbance activities for violations of the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law.

After returning to the scene, Mark noticed all of the license plates on the job site were out of town and decided to videotape them.   The next day he received a call from the State Police letting him know of the charges against him.

Mark's full statement regarding the events can be found here.

Veteran Energy Analyst Speaks Out Against Economic Feasibility of the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

crowd2.jpgOn back-to-back nights at Millersville University and Franklin & Marshall College (Nov. 4-5),  Lancaster County residents heard a presentation delivered by Dr. Dennis Witmer, a Millersville University alum and veteran energy analyst. Although Dr. Witmer supports natural gas use in the United States under certain conditions, he delivered a scathing critique of Williams’s proposed Atlantic Sunrise Project, meticulously detailing why the project should be rejected by FERC and aggressively opposed by Lancaster County residents.
#1: The Atlantic Sunrise Project (ASP) is economically doomed.
Public data confirms that the ASP is primarily intended to ship natural gas supplies from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale to overseas markets, primarily in Asia. While the 2013 price of natural gas in these markets appeared to promise profits to a small number of investors at the time, plunging gas prices over the past two years will likely yield massive losses for companies now rushing to move US gas overseas. Witmer issued a dire warning to ASP investors, advising them to pull out now while they can.
#2: The Atlantic Sunrise Project represents a massive redistribution of wealth from the middle class to a small number of wealthy investors.
Since the Atlantic Sunrise plans to ship US energy to oversea markets, those being forced to carry the costs and risks of the project (via fracking, transmission line construction, permanent right-of-ways, etc.) realize no lasting benefit from this costly, and sometimes dangerous, industrialization. In short, everyday Americans are shouldering enormous costs so residents of Japan and India can enjoy access to cheaper gas. Witmer describes the ASP “a huge transfer of wealth from the US consumer to the wealthy few.”
#3: The Atlantic Sunrise Project means higher gas prices for US consumers.
By shipping US gas overseas for higher profits, instead of keeping it in place for US customers down the road, Williams is keeping gas prices higher in the US despite a glut of domestic natural gas. But, according to Witmer, the greed of the gas industry doesn’t end there! Because later on, when US gas supplies are running low, the industry will sell that gas back to us for inflated prices once again! The gas companies profit in both cases; US consumers lose in both cases. Refer back to Point #2.
#4: The Atlantic Sunrise Project does not meet the criteria for Eminent Domain.
Given the explicit intentions of the ASP to transfer US natural gas to foreign markets, Witmer openly challenges those who say this project serves “a public good” for Americans. He sees large-scale litigation on the horizon if Williams persists in its plans to run this pipeline through the communities of unwilling landowners here in Lancaster and other affected counties.

Lancaster's Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline in the Global Marketplace

“It appears that the only beneficiaries of LNG exports are the owners of the natural gas resources and infrastructure, and that any claim that this project provides public benefit is false.” 

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Fabricated Charges Used to Silence Pipeline Critics

"The charge filed against me would be laughable if it weren’t for the terrifying reality it exposes: namely, that Williams can pick up the phone and have any one of us hauled into court for daring to oppose the exploitation of our land."

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Conestoga Resident Hearing Scheduled for October 21st

KimKann.jpgA hearing is scheduled for Conestoga resident and public school teacher Kimberly Kann on Wednesday, October 21st at 9am at the Lancaster County Courthouse, Courtroom 5, 50 North Duke St in Lancaster. Supporters are welcome.

Kann was arrested for disorderly conduct on April 28th during a public meeting at the Conestoga Fire Hall.  According to Township Supervisors, the meeting was intended to provide the public with information regarding an upcoming Home Rule study group vote which took place in May, 2015.   The Conestoga Community Group were denied the opportunity to participate in the presentation.  Kann was arrested trying to correct important misstatements by the township-selected panel. 

The supervisors ordered police to detain Kann for not following their meeting format, which limited Conestoga residents to only asking questions. Statements or clarifications from township residents were banned by the supervisors, as were questions or comments about the proposed pipeline.

Press Advisory: Anti-Pipeline groups to announce ‘Protect PA Quilt Project’


For Immediate Release:

August 26, 2015 - Press Advisory


Press Advisory: FRIDAY - Anti-Pipeline groups to announce ‘Protect PA Quilt Project’

This Friday, August 28th, at 9am a press conference will be held at Heritage Square, next to Lancaster Central Market, to announce the launch of the Protect PA Quilt Project. Lancaster Against Pipelines, the Lancaster Farmland Trust, Martic SOUL, and Conestoga Community Group are working together to organize and launch this project. Representatives from each group will be on hand to speak about their organization’s participation.

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Lancaster residents gather to prepare launch of Protect PA Quilt Project.

Residents from Martic, Conestoga, West Hempfield, and Lancaster City gathered at Marticville Middle School on Tuesday, August 11th to prepare for the launch of the Protect PA Quilt Project. Malinda Clatterbuck of Martic SOUL led the gathering. 


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Today 50 residents stood for Lancaster County at early AM Williams Meeting

Over 50 residents of Lancaster County began gathering as early as 6:15am to stand in opposition to Williams proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.


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