Construction is Halted!


For Immediate Release


Today, 06 November 2017, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued an administrative stay on construction of the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline “pending further order of the court.” This ruling comes in response to an emergency motion for stay filed by the Sierra Club, Lancaster Against Pipelines, Appalachian Mountain Advocates, Allegheny Defense Project, Clean Air Council, Concerned Citizens of Lebanon County, Heartwood, and the Accokeek, Mattawoman, Piscataway Creeks Communities Council.

The emergency motion called for a halt to construction unless or until FERC conducts a more comprehensive environmental review and issues a more persuasive argument for the necessity of this project. 

Over the past month, our communities in Lancaster County have demonstrated extraordinary courage in publicly resisting the rushed construction of this pipeline, siting the egregious failures of our regulatory agencies, elected officials, and the courts in protecting our environment against the wholly unnecessary export pipeline.

Lancaster Against Pipelines applauds the federal court’s decision, which is a long overdue check of corporate overreach violating the rights of landowners, the environment, and our communities. We look forward to the court’s final ruling on our challenge, which we hope will bring a permanent halt to this dangerous and unjust project.

Court order attached.

Media Contact: Ann Neumann, 347.721.0711

Friday's Bread and Prayer

On Friday at 1 pm, more than 60 people gathered at the Chapel, a wooden structure on the property of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. Several of the Adorer's were in the group, which held up construction on the pipeline by occupying part of the construction site, offering prayer and bread made from local ingredients to the workers. Here are some reports on the day's action:

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Ted Glick on Friday's Prayer Action

Future Hope column, October 29, 2017

Religiously Grounded Pipeline Resistance

By Ted Glick

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Quilt 6 Reader

Here's a continually updated list of media on today's arrest of six people. And the quilt.

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Note from Jim Ebaugh After Arrest

Jim Ebaugh was one of the 23 arrested on Monday. He sent this along via email. (The Chapel 23 go to court on Halloween.)

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Prison Song by Darrell Yoder

I guess we're a movement of songwriters! Or prison makes one write songs (see the history of country music). While inside, Darrell Yoder was humming a tune. When Malinda asked him what it was, he wrote out the lyrics--but not until after he was released. There are no pencils in Lancaster prison.

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Chapel 23 Reader

Here's a round up of news on the Chapel 23, the group of 23 who were arrested on Monday on the Sisters' property for stopping construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.


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Stand with the Sisters, Monday, October 16, 7 am

On Monday at 7 am at the Chapel in Columbia, Lancaster Against Pipelines will rally in the right of way to stop the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.


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Chapel at Sunrise, with Vespers

On Tuesday several of us met at the chapel before dawn. We drank coffee, caught up on plans, and were then joined by Sisters Colette and Leona, who hold vespers every Tuesday morning. (All images by Anne Sensenig)

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"As a doctor and as a person of faith, I believe the only prescription for methane pollution is action."

A new article by Dr. Alan Petersen opens with this line, "As a doctor and as a person of faith, I believe the only prescription for methane pollution is action."

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