Zoners, protesters agree to terms to continue encampment against pipeline in Conestoga

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Protesters of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline will be allowed to continue their encampment on a Conestoga Township farm.

Zoning officers for the township earlier this week condemned a barn that had been used for a press conference and threatened to fine the group for camping out on the property, even though they had permission.

The township said both were unpermitted uses of a property in an agricultural zone. The action incensed Lancaster Against Pipelines and farm owners Susan and Justin Cappiello.

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Activists Describe Efforts to Stop Atlantic Sunrise Gas Pipeline in Pennsylvania


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Months after thousands at Standing Rock stood up against the Dakota Access Pipeline, activists in Pennsylvania are ready to take a stand against a nearly $3 billion pipeline project called Atlantic Sunrise.

First proposed in 2014, it is an extension of the current Transco pipeline that transports natural gas throughout the eastern United States. Williams Partners proposed this nearly 200-mile long project to transfer natural gas from the Marcellus shale fields, one of the richest U.S. gas fields.

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Pipeline protesters must address zoning, building code violations, official says

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The tobacco barn at the center of pipeline protests in Lancaster County remains condemned after a Conestoga Township Supervisors meeting Tuesday night.

The barn, which was condemned Monday, is privately owned by Justin and Susan Cappiello, who have given Lancaster Against Pipelines permission to use the land and the barn for an encampment protesting an upcoming pipeline. Organizers hoped Conestoga Township supervisors could help in the matter, but the officials said have no say in the matter.

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Conestoga Township Supervisors condemn tobacco barn at The Stand

On Monday afternoon, the local building inspectors arrived at the Lancaster Stand and plastered “Condemned” notices all over the tobacco barn that has become the centerpiece of the encampment against the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. The abrupt notice was conducted by West Lampeter Township Zoning Board, as ordered by the Conestoga Township Supervisors. The barn is privately owned by Justin and Susan Cappiello, who have granted permission for Lancaster Against Pipelines to hold the Lancaster Stand encampment on their land, including use of the tobacco barn.

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Report Exposes True Cost of Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

The Sierra Club reports that a new study shows that "FERC Overestimated Benefits While Ignoring or Discounting Economic and Social Costs." You can read the full report here.

From the Sierra Club site: 

Today, a report prepared by Key-Log Economics for the Sierra Club and Appalachian Mountain Advocates was released, detailing what it calls the true costs of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. The proposed fracked gas pipeline was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on its former chair’s final day -- just before the commission lost its quorum.

The Atlantic Sunrise project would clear cut its way through ten Pennsylvania counties, impacting 2,000 acres of forested land and crossings hundreds of wetlands and water bodies. The proposed route includes nearly 200 miles of new pipeline which would supply gas exports out of Maryland and gas plants in North Carolina and Florida.

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Saturday Schedule of Events



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Lancaster Against Pipelines Joins Indigenous Leaders in Denouncing Pipeline’s Path Through Native Burial Grounds



LOCATION: The Lancaster Stand

DATE & TIME: Saturday, March 4 @ 10 AM

ADDRESS: 325 Conestoga Blvd ⚫ Conestoga PA 17516

For the past two years, county residents have joined indigenous leaders in condemning the plans of Transco/Williams to run the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline through confirmed Native American burial grounds and ancient archaeological sites located in southern Lancaster County. Whether filing comments on the FERC docket, or delivering statements at public hearings, or enduring arrest on the Brookfield property itself during pre-construction drilling, Native and non-Native persons alike have demanded that these sacred Susquehannock (Iroquoian) sites be honored.


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Weekend Campout at The Stand!

Lancaster Against Pipelines invites you to a weekend campout at The Lancaster Stand from Friday, February 17 at 5pm until Sunday, February 19 at 5pm. Together we will prepare to stop construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline by building community around the new fire circle, practicing our nonviolence and action skills, and constructing needed camp infrastructure. This is a family friendly event, and all are welcome!

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Press Release: Lancaster Stands Against Transco/Williams to Protect our Homes, Land, Heritage, and Future

FERC’s approval of the Atlantic Sunrise Project lays bare a rigged system of government that serves big business and billionaires at the expense of local communities and the environment. FERC’s decision came nearly two months early, at Transco/Williams’ request, despite incomplete surveys, missing mitigation plans, numerous pending lawsuits, and unprecedented community opposition. 

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The Stand II

As 2017 begins, Lancaster Against Pipelines remains committed to shutting down the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

As most of you know, FERC issued its FEIS (Final Environmental Impact Statement) for the ASP one week ago. That document is basically an 800-page Horror Story that Williams has planned for Pennsylvania—and beyond.  Here’s a brief sampling of how the ASP would put our land, water, wildlife, and personal safety at risk: 

  • 388 water body crossings
  • 44 interior forests fragmented
  • 3,700 acres of land, including dozens of preserved farms, violated
  • 126 private wells within 150-ft of route
  • 152 residential or commercial buildings within 50-ft of route

Additionally, a number of sacred Native American sites are targeted by the ASP.  Right here in southern Lancaster County, along the Conestoga River, a federally recognized Susquehannock Indian village & cemetery (more than 1,000 years old) sits directly in the pipeline’s path. 

Absurdly, FERC’s statement concludes that the ASP would have “less-than-significant” environmental, cultural, and social impacts.

Community Bonfire at THE STAND — Sunday, January 15 at 2 PM 

Stand_dedication_meal.jpgFERC expects us to calmly accept these shocking risks. They think we should all be okay with an Oklahoma company sending explosive, poisonous, fracked gas to foreign markets through our rivers, farms, and playgrounds. 

We have news for FERC: NOT A CHANCE! 

In open defiance of the FEIS and Transco/Williams’ plans to poison our water, our land, and our children’s future, LAP is hosting a COMMUNITY BONFIRE & PLEDGE SIGNING EVENT on Sunday, January 15, at 2 PM. 

Together, we’ll: 

[1] Publicly reject the findings of this FEIS—with the bonfire’s help :-). 

[2] Sign a community pledge to fight the ASP with Civil Disobedience. 

[3] Hold an open council meeting to plan a large-scale, prayer-and-action encampment on the grounds of The Stand to block ASP construction, if approved. 

Everyone committed to fighting the ASP is welcome to this event! 


We’ll gather at LAP’s newly-built second STAND structure. This is located about ½ mile south of the original Stand. This new structure rests directly in the path of Williams’ alternate Conestoga River crossing. It’s located at the intersection of River Road, Conestoga Blvd, and Groff Avenue in Conestoga, PA.   

  • Parking is available at Safe Harbor Park, across the road from The Stand. 
  • GPS: 39.938298, -76.386099 


  • Friends, family & kids
  • Warm clothing 
  • Outdoor chair 
  • Ideas for resistance 
  • Tent (if you plan to camp) 


For more information, visit our “Stand With The Land” Facebook event


For any adventurous souls wanting to camp overnight, bring a tent and we’ll carry the event into MLK Monday—a fitting way to celebrate the courageous, justice-seeking work of Martin Luther King, Jr. 


  • Rain Date: Sunday, January 22 @ 2 PM (same location)